Animatronic Sjimpanse-Byste
Denne Apen blir du fort glad i.
Med sin Kunstige Intelligens (A.I.), utvikler han seg
etterhvert som om han 'Lever'.
Sjimpansen ser skremmende realistisk ut.
- Følger bevegelser med Øynene & Hode.
- Meget naturtro mimikk & Kropsbevegelser.
- Detekteret forandringer rundt seg.
- Lager forskjellige lyder i henhold til sitt humør.
- 10 forskjellige tilstander :
 Nyskjerrig, Levende, Vakt, Demo, Sove, Lykkelig,  
 Leken, Agressiv, Hovmodig, Programerbar & RC
 (RC = Styring fra Fjernkontrollen).
- Du styrer 20 forskjellige funksjoner fra Fjernkontrollen,
inklusiv programernig og Demo.
- Sjimpansens sinstilstand, bestemmes av hvordan du
behandler han.
- Hode reagerer på bevegelser.
- Stereo hørsel, slik at han kan detektere hvor
lyden kommer fra, og reagere på den.
- Lyd og berørings-sensorer sitter også på
ørene og haken.
- Infrarøde Syns-sensorer & Øyne som blunker.
Passer for alle fra 8 til 80 år.
Drives av 4 x D Batterier eller 6Vdc Adapter (Følger med).
MÃ¥l : 31 (H) x 20 (B) x 21 (D) cm. 6710
kr. 1798,-
Features include :
Realistic animal behavior
Mood dependent behavior : responds to stimuli with
mood specific animations and sounds.
Infrared vision system : detects movement,
tracks objects and reacts to human interaction.
Touch sensors in his chin, head and ears.
Stereo sound sensors detect loud sounds.
Remote control or autonomous interactivity
Visual and sonic guard mode.
Program mode
Sleep mode
12inches High
Suitable for ages 8+

Requires 4 x 1.5V "D" batteries and
1 x 9V Battery for remote control
(batteries not included)
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Yes, yes OK this is very weird, but it's also really quite amazing. Imagine 2001 A
Space Odyssey meets Planet of the Apes meets Gorillas in the Mist
(except with chimpanzees obviously) and add a remote control unit,
and you're nearly there.
This fully animatronic and emotiotronic Chimpanzee Head is decidedly weird at first,
but it didn't take any time at all before we'd all become very fond of him.
He's the first domestic version of a Hollywood special effects creation
and boy is he lifelike.

He comes with a remote control that bristles with knobs and gives you enormous
control over him. Aside from direct control though, he's an extremely responsive,
highly intelligent "primate" whose artificial intelligence, emotional awareness system
and multi-sensory features allow him to interact with his environment. He has 4
distinctive moods; happy, playful, fearful and aggressive, which change in response
to human interaction.
When you first turn him on he will go straight into Curious mode,
then proceed into Alive mode detecting what is going on around him - even following
movement in front of him using the infrared sensors in his eyes.
His different modes determine his reactions to you,
and his emotions change as a direct result of his treatment.
Flicking him makes him 'Angry', flinches and sharp sounds make him 'Fearful',
strokes and tickles make him 'Happy'
(he chuckles enchantingly when you tickle him under the chin).
When left alone he re-enters default Curious mode.

Direct control of the Chimp is activated using the RC unit,
which will take him out of Alive mode and into your hands.
You can then use animation buttons (for his lips and eyebrows for instance),
control his sounds and use the joysticks to move him - you can even program up to
20 moves into him to re-play at the touch of a button.
When you're done, pop him into Guard mode and he'll guard his space,
looking around him and behind from time to time.

So yes he's deeply strange, but people crowd round him and stroke him and squeal
and clap when he reacts to them - bit like Robbie Williams come to think of it
(but with less tattoos and considerably less talent, and more hair, and fewer limbs,
this analogy's falling apart before our eyes).
So despite his inherent oddness and having no body,
he's the most advanced and remarkable Chimp that you're ever likely to meet
outside of a Hollywood movie.
We'd never given much though to our (almost) nearest relative before,
but it's made us all strangely fond of Chimps now. Go figure.

Freakily realistic-looking Chimpanzee head with remote control.
A touch sensitive head.
Stereo hearing so your Chimpanzee can detect and react to sound.
Sonic sensors and touch sensors located on the ears and chin.
Infrared Vision Sensors and eyes that blink,
following anything that moves in front of them.
Your Chimp is a moody so and so with four moods : Happy, Playful,
Fearful and Aggressive.
The chimp has five modes : Guard, Alive, Demo, Sleep and Program.
Suitable for ages 8 years+.
Requires 4 x D Cell Batteries (not included) for the chimp and a 9V Battery
(not included) for the remote.
Alternatively it can be powered by a 6V DC adaptor
(not included).
Size: 30.3 x 29 x 21cm.
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Sjimpanse - Bilder
Sjimpanse - Bakgrunn
Now this is a real robot. So real, it's unreal! The amazing "Alive" Chimpanzee is a life-size,
lifelike product of the latest Hollywood "F/X" animatronics — state-of-the-art robotic
technology dedicated to making machines that look, sound and act like real animals.

Arngren worldwide exclusive "Alive" Chimpanzee is yours to give or get for
under $ 200 — the first high-quality animatronics robot ever designed for home or office!

So real, it's unreal! "Alive" Chimpanzee (Latin name: pan troglodyte...if you can believe it)
is a fully animated, life-size bust of the real animal; he has been painstakingly handcrafted
to exacting standards.
His appearance is uncannily lifelike — with skin and hair and eyes that look
and feel genuine.
His head and neck — as well as his face and eyes — move as if "Alive" Chimpanzee
were a living thing.

Keen senses. "Alive" Chimpanzee can see, hear and feel in ways that allow him to interact
intelligently with you, your family, your guests...and with baffled strangers.
His soulful eyes track movements using infrared "radar" vision; his ears have stereoscopic
sound sensors; his skin reacts to contact with touch sensors all around.
He also boasts "vocal chords" and realistically mimics the authentic sounds of a live chimp
— appropriately reflecting his emotions.

Emotional moods :
The natural emotional state of your "Alive" Chimpanzee is "Curious" — one of four
distinctive moods; his other emotional states include
"Happy," "Fearful" and "Feisty."

When he is "Curious," he is primed to react autonomously to sounds, touch and movement
and (depending on what he encounters) his mood can change.
Make him "Feisty" and he will swing his head quickly from side to side and he'll screech;
make him "Happy" and you'll be treated to one of those giant chimp smiles
and hear excited whoops.

Autonomous or controlled.
The "natural" autonomous mode of "Alive" Chimpanzee can be overridden
by the wireless controller.
Use the controller in "Program" mode to select whole sequences of action.
In "Direct Control" mode, you can communicate specific commands from
as far as 10 m away.

When you leave your chimp, use the controller to put him in "Guard" mode — ready for
anything to trip his sensors: When someone enters the room (for example), your "Alive"
Chimpanzee will begin whatever series of actions and vocalizations you programmed.
Sounds like fun, yes?

"Alive" Chimpanzee is a life-size bust that stands 30 cm high. He is powered by 4 D
batteries or included AC adapter; the controller runs on one 9V battery
(order batteries separately).
Ages 8 and older. 90-day warranty.
Worldwide first edition is available exclusively from Arngren.
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