Amfibie-Bil (ATV)

Avenger 8 x 8  

Engine  4 cycle overhead valve V-Twin gasoline engine,electronic ignition,
solenoid shift started,fuel accelerator pump,full pressure lubrication and oil filter.

3 year warranty

Model : Kohler Aegis LH 685  
Horsepower :
Displacement  :674cc  
Cooling : Liquid Cooled  
Starting : Electric  
Brakes : Hydraulic

Steering : One-piece ergonomic handlebar steering control with
                mounted brake lever and parking brake.

Controls : Right-hand twist grip throttle and dash mounted choke control.

Light switch and ignition switch.  
Clutch & Transmission   Belt-driven,
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)  maximizes engine power
to the transmission with high and low range forward, neutral and reverse,
compactly housed with an efficient planetary differential.

Drive System : Roller chains drive machined sprockets
that are spline-fit onto 1.25" diameter axles.Bearings are greaseable and
are protected with double-sealed outer flange assemblies.

Frame : Formed steel channel construction,
welded for high strength and durability.
Polyester powder coated for lasting protection.

Body : Vacuum formed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  
Full Skid Plate  Standard  
Load Capacity on Land (without accessories)   1150 lbs /
521 kg total.
No restrictions for rear compartment  
Towing Capacity  : 1800 lbs / 818 kg  
Seating Capacity : 6 persons on land, 4 persons on water  
Fuel Capacity   See-through polyethylene fuel tank, 29 L
(7.7 US gallons/6.4 Imp. Gallons), 8 hours of operation.

Speed (on land) : 22 mph /
35 km per hour  
Speed (on water) : 2.5 mph /
4 km per hour  
Shipping Weight  :1205 lbs / 547kg

Axle Bearing Extensions   Front and Rear Standard  
Hourmeter   Standard  
Voltmeter   Standard  
Temperature Gauge   Standard  
Low Charge Rate Light   Not Available (yet)  
Low Oil Pressure Light   Standard  
Tire   Goodyear Rawhide III AT25 x 11.50-9 NHS  
Ground Pressure   2.1 psi (14.5 kPa) using tires,
0.67 psi (4.6 kPa) using tracks  
Operating Conditions :
All weather,all-terrain,-40°C to +40°C