Fjernstyrt  Gravity-Bil
Kan kjører opp langs vegger (til og med tak).
Støvsuger prinsippet (Vacuum) sørger for
at Bilen ikke faller ned.
Kan kjøres på alle glatte flater (Glass, Vegg & Fliser).
Husk !  For best resultat,
tørk av hjulene med en fuktig klut, før du kjører.

Fjernkontrollen styrer kjøring :
Forrover, bakover, høyre & venstre.
Leveres komplett med alt :
1 st. Gravity-Bil, oppladbare batterier, 230V Lader,
Fjernkontroll (RC), og et 9V batteri til RC'en.
Mål : (L) 30 x (B) 21 x (H) 14 cm.
Kjøretid : 10 - 20 min.
Ladetid : 1 - 3 timer.
Rekevidde : 30 - 50 meter.
Materiale : PP  (757-8012)
Best.nr. 7091    før kr. 498,- ...
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Disney filmen ' Cars '
Talk about amazed, jaws were dropping lower than Jade Goodie's IQ when we tried this latest radio controlled car out here in the office.
Not just another run of the mill super buggy with bigger wheels, but a whole new concept in remote controlled driving.
This mean machine actually drives straight up vertical surfaces, driving those of an easily shocked nature quite literally up the wall with it.
This is the Zero Gravity Radio Controlled Wall Climber, and it does exactly
what it says on the label.
It defies gravity by being able to go from ground racing, to vertical wall climbing
at your command.

The wall climber works using a powerful vacuum like suction system.
When the vehicle reaches a 45° incline, special fans are automatically engaged,
which create a powerful down-force that keeps the car glued to the wall.
It has flexible skirts around the chassis and these ensure that the vacuum created
remains sealed.

So this machine isn't going to make for sticky residues on the wall,
if that is what you were thinking,
it employs a state of the art air flow suction system, that gives the Zero Gravity wall climber its incredible vertical climb
and other unique abilities.

Adults and kids think it's the coolest thing ever, and the house proud love the fact that its smooth rollers leave walls unscuffed and clean. Control the action via a stylish twin toggle transmitter and perform feats that other radio-controlled vehicles can't even begin
to dream about.
Main Features :
- Powerful vacuum suction lets the Wall
  Climber cling to walls.
- Multi-directional travel.
- Climbs without leaving a sticky residue.
Available in black or camo green
For ages 8 and up
Car dimensions :30 x 21.0 x 14 cm
Notes :
Question :
Will the car work on any wall?
Answer : The car is basically a
"vacuum cleaner",
it sticks to the wall with suction.
As long as the wall is SMOOTH
it will work fine on any surface.
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