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Ecosphere selvforsynt  Akvarium
Ecosphere er et lukket Akvarium system, som ikke trenger stell.
Alt du gjør er å gi det lukkede glass-Akvariumet lys i 6 - 12 t pr. dag.
Enten dagslys, eller fra en vanlig lampe. Leveres med inn & utvendig skrapemanget.
Inni Akvariet er det små Reker & Rekeyngel, plangton,
alger, vann, salter, koraller og luft.
Systemet fungerer akkurat som vår jordklode.
Her kan du se hvordan liv utvikler seg i et lukket system.
Rekene vokser, spiser, lever og om du er heldig
formerer de seg også (Se bildet til høyre).
Dette fantastiske økosystemet er utviklet av Nasa,
og romstasjonen inneholder flere slike Akvarium.
- Rekenes levetid : 3 - 12 år (
Du får nye reker Gratis )
- Høyden : 13 cm
- Anbefalt tempratur : 15 - 25 g.C 6800
( Kan også leveres 19 & 23 cm høye. Se bildet over )
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How EcoSpheres Work
The EcoSphere is a display of a working ecological system. While it is beautiful to view, it also demonstrates the delicate balance of a closed ecosystem like the Earth. Contained within the completely sealed glass is a small variety of shrimp, algae, and microorganisms living in a filtered sea water environment.

The EcoSphere contains some of the same essential elements that are found on our planet. The Earth is represented by the gravel at the bottom with water filling two-thirds of the system while air fills the balance of the space. Fire is the light, which streams in each day. Finally, life: the algae, shrimp and microbes that float and swim in the water.

The EcoSphere's biological cycle represents a simple version of Earth's' own ecosystem. Light together with carbon dioxide in the water enable the algae to produce oxygen by photosynthesis. The shrimp breathe the oxygen in the water while nibbling on the algae and bacteria. The bacteria break down the animal waste into nutrients, which the algae utilize.

The shrimp and bacteria also give off carbon dioxide, which the algae again use to produce oxygen. And so the cycle renews itself.

What is in the EcoSphere ?
Along with the shrimp there are algae and filtered sea water. The EcoSphere also contains gorgonia and gravel as a part of the working ecosystem. Gorgonia, the non-living branch like material, and the gravel are surface area in the ecosystem. The gorgonia and gravel are also a hiding place for microorganisms - a place where they can not be eaten by the shrimp. All other areas in the water are accessible by the animals. By having more surface area for the bacteria to grow on the eco-system has the ability to break down more of the waste materials.

What is a Closed Eco-System ?
A closed eco-system is a group of organisms placed in any sealed container along with nutrients to sustain and regenerate life. Water is the most essential item in the system, for without it nothing lives. There are numerous microorganisms inside that keep reproducing and dying, each time they give off and take in oxygen and carbon dioxide. The key component is energy in the form of light. With light energy, chemicals are changed into nutrients and are then available to the higher organisms.

The nature of all closed ecosystems is to wind down. Eventually the major chemical building blocks get "locked up" and are no longer available to the microorganisms. There is no weather inside the EcoSphere to pull these chemicals apart from each other. However, on Earth this action takes place in the oceans and on land continuously. Replenishing is done by the weather always mixing and returning nutrients back by the actions of wind and rain.
Ecosphere little. eggshaped 13 cm high
The EcoSphere is the world's first totally enclosed ecosystem - a complete, self-contained and self-sustaining miniature world encased in glass. Be wary of inferior and lower quality imitations. Easy to care for, an EcoSphere is an incredible learning tool that can provide powerful insights about life on our own planet... and provide a glimpse of technology that's shaping the future of space exploration.

But an Ecosphere is much more than a scientific breakthrough - it is a work of art. A living treasure to own or give to someone special. Each EcoSphere is carefully crafted to achieve an aesthetic, meditative beauty that can soothe any environment, including home, classroom or office.

The ecosystems demonstrate in a most simplistic way the interdependence of animal and plant life with Earth's most precious element - water. The products have been called science projects, the world's lowest maintenance pets, closed aquariums. They are in fact developments of space age technology initiated by NASA.
Om Rekene dine dør kan
du sende inn Akvariumet,
og få satt inn nye Gratis.
Om Rekene dine dør kan
du sende inn Akvariumet,
og få satt inn nye Gratis.
Bilde Akvarium med Levende Fisker
Om Rekene dine dør kan
du sende inn Akvariumet,
og få satt inn nye Gratis.
Vi tar Gratis imot dine gamle el-varer
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Her er prisene på EcoSphere Aquarium :
01. Lite egg   13 cm høyt ( Ny pris )  :  kr. 999,-
02. Stort egg 19 cm høy                    :  kr. 2399,-
03. Stor kule 16 cm diameter            :  kr. 3399,-
04. Ekstra Stor kule 23 cm diameter :  kr. 5600,-