Fjernstyrt  P-51D Mustang-Fly (2ch.  86 cm bred)
Kommer 99% ferdig-bygget med :
2 ch Fjernkontroll, 1 elektro-motorer,
ekstra Propell, Oppladbart-Batteri (7,2V),
220Vac Lader & diverse Klistremerker.
Perfekt som ditt første fly.
Kan lette fra bakken.
Motor-Glider & Akrobatikk.
Fly-Tide : ca. 20  min.
Lade-Tid : ca. 1 - 2 timer
Rekevidde : 300 m.
MÃ¥l : (L) 58 cm.  Vinge-Spenn :
86 cm.
Meget lett Ã¥ fly  (HX735-38) 499,- ..(  Tilbud !..Veil. 598, -)
Product Information
Brush up on your Radio Operator's Alphabet,
the new planes from Vector Zone are
Featuring durable foam construction, range of up
to 300 meter and great graphics,
the P-51D Mustang is sure to turn some heads
when you take this baby out.
2-Channel control simplifies things for
inexperienced fliers, and the springy landing gear
smooths out rough landings and rough airstrips.
Lots of lift and a slow stall speed allow you to
practice the basics or try out new stunts without
looking Delta-Uniform-Mike-Bravo
in front of your friends.
Everything you need to get out flying is in the box,
so you can be in the air
Features :
2-Channel radio control
86 cm wingspan
300 m range
Includes :
P-51D Mustang Plane
RC Controller with 9V battery
7.2V Battery Pack
Battery Charger.
Extra Propeller
Specifications :
58 cm Long
86 cm Wingspan
Remote control range : 300 m
Uses 1x 9V Battery and
included 7.2V Battery Pack
P51-D Mustang 4-ch. Klikk her !
86 cm bred
86 cm bred
P51-D Mustang 4-ch. Klikk her !
86 cm
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