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It's a great little helicopter worth every penny!
I would rather have loads of these
than a more expensive one!!!
A Happy Customer, Suffolk - Oct '06

Everyone should have one! Ordered mine on Friday at 4pm and it was flying secret missions
around my living room by 9am on Saturday. Had to pull some evasive manoeuvres when under
enemy attack (cat). Really good fun. Will have to buy another one so that I can have rotating
shifts - one on charge & one to fly!
Garth Harris, Cardiff - Oct '06

Brilliant, fun, fantastic and it annoys the hell out of the wife so well worth the cash! Tricky to learn
to fly at first I havent mastered forward movement yet but no doubt it'll all fall into place one of
these days (when I manage to stop my daughter hogging it that is. ) Great fun, buy one, you won't
regret it I assure you!!
Stu, Sunderland - Oct '06

My 8 year old and I were flying round the living room at 8 in the morning straight from the box. To
help it fly forward better I would agree with some other reviewers and use a small drawing pin in
the nose, it certainly helps. Must go now the kids will be back from school soon and I'll just have
time to have another quick try before they get home and hog it.
Stuart English, Chorley. Lancashire - Oct '06

Love the product - my grandad got one for his birtday. Started playing with it crashed it then got
the hang of it. My grandma is going to buy one for christmas for me :D. Flies well though and I
love it. Well worth it I think.
Nick Markham, Somerset - Oct '06

Well !!! what can I say. EXCELLENT ! I had my doubts, but it is easy to get going, easy to learn
and great fun. It takes a little time to learn, but once you have the knack of it then the worlds your
landing strip !. Guarenteed FUN FUN FUN
Jason Daniels, South Wales - Oct '06

This thing is great I have never flew any radio controlled object b4 always had the cars, but this
little thing is so gud out of the box I have had it doing laps of my living room!!
great for big kids like me :D.
Carl, Newcastle United Kingdom - Oct '06

Being utterly frustrated with my expensive to repair, hard to fly Blade CP, I sold it a while ago. I
now am the proud owner of a PicoZ, it took only a day to master and after adding a thumbtack to
the nose, "the only mod necessary" I feel like an expert. The cats love it to, having swatted it out
of the air many otimes, having myself crashed into walls, furniture, falling out of the sky at 10' up,
this thing just doesn't break. It's harmless around everything to boot, so no worries about the
blades doing damage to anything or anybody. Let it cool down after you charge it and it will fly
consistantly well. This is a must have in "anybodies" fleet and you can even let the kids fly it with
no worries, well, outside of getting it back from them :).
Brian, Tacoma, Wa. - Sep '06

I receved my PicooZ today its funtastic soon as I opened it I was flying high. Thanks Arngren.no
I'll be using you again.
Gareth Routledge, Liverpool - Sep '06

I first flew my brothers a week ago and found the controls difficult and sluggish, but after an hour
or so I now think they are great fun :) I have just ordered my own and would advise anyone who
has failed to grow up to buy one!!!
Christopher Moulding, North East, England - Sep '06

I flew it straight away (after a charge)and cant stop playing with it - thanks Arngren.no my brother
might be buying one soon as all he wants is a go on mine!
Oliver, Plymouth, UK - Sep '06

Bought one of these - great fun, but have been banned from taking it into the office as our lights
are controlled by infra red, and as i walk through the rooms with it switched on it turns the lights off
(what fun). It is a great little toy, and everyone asks where I got it.
Kevin, Blackpool - Sep '06

Out of the box this thing spun like a devil. But reading the manual, trimming the rotor (twisting it
slightly to point downwards ) and adding a full charge and some aliminium tape ( provided in the
kit ) and now its flying circuits around the living room. Dont expect this toy to simply go where you
point it. You need to operate the control and fly it as it wants to be flown. So a little perserverance
and practice will let you know what it is expecting to do. My only gripe is the recharge slot on the
copter is so small it does not always contact properly so it requires a little jiggling to make the light
stay on and the charge to apply. Would I buy this again ? Absolutely since it is amazing to watch,
and fun to fly.
Nicholas Butler, Horsham, Sussex - Sep '06

Bit hard to control but I soon got the hang of it. Also had to weigh the front down a bit to make it
go forward aswell. Thanks a lot star buy :-) Brilliant site will be buying more.
Thomas, England, Droitwich - Sep '06

My wife bought me one and I took it to work. Got called into the bosses office for what I thought
was a telling off, and was asked to bring it with me. Here I was worrying about being given a
warning, and all my boss wanted was to play with it!! Of course I couldn't say no could I, another
excellent product from from Arngren.no. Thanks guys'n'gals.
Anon, Blackpool - Oct '06

This helecopter is awsome, cheap and flys really well inside. Can withsand some bad crashes.
Flys awkwardly at first, with no set direction, but if you use the aluminium stickers to stick a
paperclip to the nose, it flys really well. Thnx Arngren.no.
Nick Turner, Fetcham - Oct '06

This little bugger flys! you will have lots of fun doing missions to "land on that table" or impress
your friends (mates for you english folk) by throwing it up and landing on your hand, however the
wieghts it come with are rubbish (see I speak your lingo) and I recomend using a thumb tac. If you
fly real RC copters then you may be dissapointed with this, as it doesnt have 3d flight. Compared
to the blade runner 2 id say this one is better for the office or home as it is smaller, however its
your call... I love this little thing none the less.
Alex Stone, Medina, MN, North America - Oct '06

I was amazed at its robustness (Is that a word?) when my dad accidentally trod on it when I
wasen't looking, it works the same as it did before that happened! As for the flying, it takes a little
getting used to, but with a little practice, plenty of room and the right technique, you can fly
backwards, forwards, sideways and all over the place! Truly a worthy purchase.