Laser Pod
Designed by the bloke who foisted the rocket-shaped lava lamp on us,
assisted by über-snapper Mario Testino,
this tube spits three lasers and a load of ultraviolet LEDs through a
Swarovski crystal to conjure a groovy light effect.
Using the latest in laser, LED and crystal optics, Laser Pod brings
science and nature together to create ever-changing organic lightforms
of profound beauty.
The Laser Pod comes with the main unit, a small and a tall diffuser dome,
a power adaptor, a Swarvorski crystal set into the base unit and
a glass refractor lens.
The domes can be place onto the main unit easily and fit tight but not too
tight to be able to change them or remove them.
With the diffuser in place, the Laser Pod is a meditative ambient lamp;
remove the diffuser and these effects can be projected onto a wall
or across an entire room.
Use the glass refractor lens to bend the laser beams into swirling nebulas,
and gaseous clouds from far off planets.
Beam yourself into a mind-boggling supernova of nebulas kaleidoscopic light.
Choose between two dazzling displays :
Red laser for scintillating astral projection
• Red laser / blue LED combination for awesome cosmic cloud effects.
Using only red is also a good effect, but the blue and red is even better.
If you place the refractor lens on top of the main unit, the red lights diffuse
even more on the dome surface to provide even more spectacular effects.
Press Reviews ; Stuff Magazine (UK, October 2006)
Out of our boxes on cheap cider one night, we plucked this wee fella from
its container and plugged it in.
It's a simple but awe-inspiring attractive illumination station.
With domed diffuser in place, the Laserpod works like a kind of
hi-tech lava lamp.
Remove the diffuser, though, and the effects are projected onto wall or
ceiling with scant regard for architecture, We approve.
Wired :
The Laserpod, from British lighting firm Plugg, is a sleek, laser-powered lamp
that can turn even the most boring room into an ambient make-out zone
Oliver Bennett Design Week (July 2006)
Chris Levine's lighting work transforms its surroundings, creating an
atmospheric, off-kilter environment that makes the everyday world
look drab and lifeless.
The Guardian ;
Using the latest in laser, LED and crystal optics, Laserpod is possibly
the coolest lighting kit ever
Craig Johnson, LED Museum ;
It's one of the most fantastic products I've come across
in recent memory.
The Laserpod is the coolest lamp to come out since the first lava lamp
back in the 60's. We think it's even better.