40G-Multi-Player ;
MP3 Spiller med TV-Opptaker & LCD Farge-skjerm (7 i 1) :
3,6 " TFT LCD Skjerm
-  40GB HDD Intern-Minne  (66 timers Høyoppløslig TV-Opptaking).
- TV-Opptaker ; fra AV utgangen på TV/ DVD/Video-Spilleren. MPEG 4.
 NÃ¥ kan du ta opp og lagre 40 -50 DVD/Video Filmer (
Leveres med Timer & Vekke-Klokke).
 Du kan ogsÃ¥ ta opp og lagre Filmer fra PC'en & Internett.
- TV/ Video- Avspiller (til intern 3,6 "-skjerm eller ekstern-TV )
- MP3-Spiller (leveres med USB kabel & Software)
- Bilde-Fremviser (JPEG)
- Dikterings-Maskin
Bærbar-Disk (virker som en bærbar 40GB HDD)
- Språk-Lærer
Leveres med :
3,6 " TFT LCD farge-skjerm  (760 x 640 = 486.400 pixels).
40GB internminne.
Innebygget Mikrofon & Høyttaler.
SD & MMC Inngang
Lyd-Generator (5 forskjellige)
Vekke-Klokke (Timer for Video-opptak & bli vekket av en MP3 sang)
MÃ¥l : (L) 11 x (H) 8 (B) 3 cm.  Vekt : 290 g.       
( Den Lille Multi-Spilleren har MÃ¥l : 9 x 7 x 2 cm.  90g)
Direkt Printer-Funksjon
Diverse Spill & Kalender.
GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Hodetelefon, Bære-Stropp & Bag
Li-ion oppladbart-Batteri
220Vac & 12Vdc  Lader / Adapter
(En lading gir ca. 12 t spille-tid)
USB & AV Kabel
Detaljert Bruker-HÃ¥ndbok
Software :
Instalasjons & Bruker CD
Photo Explorer
Akrobat Reader
Multimedia Converter
Best.nr. 0275
kr. 3998,-
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40 GB  Intern-Minne
With an amazing 40GB HDD memory – enough to store over five days' worth of
footage – this is a personal media player like no other.
Here at Arngren we've seen many a device claiming to be personal media centres,
but the reality is often a disappointment.
Not the 40G-Personal Media Centre.
This is a product that genuinely lives up to its name.
Forget those wannabe players that only have enough memory for a couple of hours
of film, or even 10 or 15.
With the 40G-Personal Media Centre, you can record a colossal 66 hours of movies
at high quality – or at standard quality, 125 hours.
If that figure seems totally mind-boggling, think of it like this :
that's five days of footage.

Just think of it; your entire DVD or music collection stored on a device that's little
bigger than a cigarette packet. The elephant-like 40GB HDD memory is enough to
store 10,000 of your favourite songs (if it's possible to have 10,000 favourites.)
Store a selection of films, TV shows and albums - no matter how long your train or
plane journey, it's going to be pretty difficult to get bored with a selection that size.

Of course, size is no guarantee of quality.
Huge amounts of memory are no use if what you store with it is unwatchable.
But rest assured there's no problem on that score.
Even we were surprised at just how crisp and clear both the picture and the sound
are, easily as good as a high end full-size TV.
Just look at the screenshots from the impressive 3.6� LCD screen and
see for yourself.
You can also choose between two levels of quality, and store 66 hours' worth of
footage at top level.

As well as working as a digital video player and recorder and digital music player,
the Media Centre works as a photo player and voice recorder.
You can record direct from your TV, and even play back footage recorded to the
Media Centre on your TV.
Admittedly the movie quality isn't quite as high when played in this way,
but it's still pretty impressive.
The Media Centre also has a direct print function – print pictures straight from it
without the need for a PC.

Another key feature of the Media Centre is its SD/MMC card slot.
While you can use this in the conventional way to expand the player's memory by up
to 1GB (if you need to expand a 4OGB memory!), it can also be used for transferring
images from your digital camera to view.
You can turn your Media Centre into a virtual photo album
– one that can store an incredible 280,000 photos!

Despite the hefty amount of film and music it can hold,
the sleek silver Media Centre measures a compact 11 x 8cm, and weighs less than
300g including the battery, making it truly portable.
You can choose between battery and mains power, and all the software you could
need is included.

The 40G-Personal Media Centre has to be the most exciting mini multimedia device
we've seen yet – and if the list of features hasn't got you excited enough,
take a look at the price.
That amount of memory at this sort of value, from a known,
trustworthy supplyer like Arngren, makes this an essential portable media purchase.

Measures 11 x 8 x 3cm (l x w x d).

Package includes :
40G Personal Media Centre
Installation CD
Software CD
Getting Started guide
USB cable
AV cable
Li-ion battery
Power adapter (220Vac & 12Vdc for the Car)
Protection bag

Features :
Digital video player/video recorder/photo player/music player/voice recorder/USB
pocket drive/SD/MMC card reader
Up to 125 hours movie recording time at standard quality or 66 hours at high
Store up to 10,000 songs or 280,000 photos
Record direct from TV (MPEG4 compatible)
TV playback
Timer recording
DPS function (direct connection to a DPS compatible printer - no need for a PC)
High speed USB 2.0
Multi-language interface
3.6â€� colour TFT LCD  (760 x 640 = 486.400 pixels)

Specifications :
Onboard memory: 40GB HDD
Formats supported: ASF/JPEG/MP3/WAV/MPEG4/AVI
Microphone: Built-in
Speaker: Built-in
DPS support: Yes
Interface: AV in/AV out/Earphone/DC in/USB 2.0
Memory card slot: SD/MMC
Power source (internal): Rechargeable Li-ion battery (1000 mAh) x 2 (Built-in charger
through power adapter)
Power source (external): Power adapter
Weight: 290g (with battery)

System Requirements :
PC: Windows 98SE/2000/XP
Pentium 500 MHz processor or better
Super VGA card and colour monitor
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
Minimum 128MB RAM
200MB available HD space
Available USB port
Mac: OS 9.X and 10.1 or above
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