Avansert Robot som kan styres fra en Fjernkontroll (TT315).
Armene, Hendene, Fingrene og bena kan bevege seg.
Designet av en kjent NASA ingeniør.
Robosapien kan gå, har 9 sensorer, er intelligent og reagerer på omgivelsene.
Kan Snakke, Plukke opp ting & Programeres. 
Høyde ca. 36 cm. Med armene i været : 54 cm
Vekt : 2 kg. Bruker
: 4 x D 1,5V Batterier (2 pr. ben)
Fjernkontrollen bruker 3 AAA batterier.
Best. nr. 8923   kr. 398,-
..Lager-Kodene til Varer som føres
..O..Varen er på Lager
..O..Varen kommer innen 3 uker
..O..Varen kommer senere enn 3 uker
Fjernstyrte Produkter
17 cm høy
i-Sobot : Verdens minste Robot-mann  ( 17 cm høy )
Leveres med Video-Kamera og trådløs Wi-Fi,
for tilkobling til Internet.
i-Sobot kan kommunisere med Internet uten ekstra PC.
Pris kr. 2999,-
Pleo rb ; En autonomous Robot  (52 cm lang)
Hver Pleo-Dinosaurus Robot blir født som en nyfødt Camarasaurus baby.
Hver enket Pleo blir unik avhengig av sin oppvekst.
Pleo beveger seg meget autentisk og viser følelser.
Som alle dyr blir Pleo :
- Sulten
- Sliten
- Energisk
- Søvnig
- Oppstemt
- Lei seg
- Nyskjerrig
- Skadet
Han/hun Beveger seg fritt rundt og reagerer på omgivelsene.
Du bestemmer hvordan Pleo skal utvikle seg,
i forhold til hvordan du behandler han/hun.
Pleo kan se med sine 2 farge video-kamera og føler med sine
10.025  forskjellige avanserte sensorer.
Har 14 motorer og 100 gear.
Leveres med oppladbare batterier og 230V ac lader.
Pleo forteller selv når han/hun trenger å bli ladet opp.
Jo mer du koser og steller med Pleo, jo bedre har han/hun det.
Gå til for å lese mer om Pleo.
Passer til barn fra 6 år og oppover. 0098  (Leveres med ekstra kraftig Li-Po batteri & 230Vac Lader).

Fjernstyrte Produkter
Video-1 (våkner)
Pleo's egen hjemme-side
Robot-Dinosauren : Pleo rb...( 52 cm lang )
... se den Lever.
Pleo's egen hjemme-side
The Pleo rb dinosaur interacts with you
— moving organically, expressing emotion,
autonomously exploring and responding to
the world around him.
Every Pleo dinosaur is unique.
Yes, each one begins life as a
newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus,
but that's where predictability ends and
individuality begins.
He develops his own personality,
moods and habits — all shaped by the time
he spends with you.
In creating this life form, we merely set the
wheels in motion.
Making the magic is up to you and
your Pleo dinosaur.
Pleo dinosaur's sophisticated sensory system
has devices that enable him to see,
to sense touch and to detect objects :
color camera, sound sensors,
two infrared sensors
, 14 motors, over 100 gears,
8 touch sensors and an orientation sensor.
On owners can connect,
find training tips and download new
enhancements to Pleo dinosaur.
For ages 6 and older.
Hva er en Camarasaurus ?
Camarasaurus var en sen-Jurassic
Nord Amerikansk innbygger,
som levde for 65 mill. år siden.
20 m lang som voksen og like stor
som Pleo som barn.
Den begynte livet inni et egg,
som en fugle, slik som Pleo.
Every Pleo is autonomous.
Yes, each one begins life as a newly-hatched baby Camarasaurus,
but that's where predictability ends and individuality begins.
Like any creature, Pleo feels hunger and fatigue -
offset by powerful urges to explore and be nurtured.
He'll graze, nap and toddle about on his own -when he feels like it !
Pleo dinosaur can change his mind and his mood,
just as you do.
Discover Pleo's emotions.
Pleo's egen hjemme-side
Fjernstyrte Produkter
Pleo er også meget søt og vakker.
Tar seg godt ut i stua.
Et levende møble som liker å lukte på blomster.
Klikk på bilde for å lese om Sensorene
2 Pleo'er kan leke sammen.
PLEO reborn Toy Dinosaur
Highlights & details
More than 10,000 sensors
Speech recognition
Each dinosaur develops its own personality
Description :
PLEO evolves and has been reborn as PLEO rb !
Our Scientists have discovered the missing links in the DNA of the
first generation PLEO which enabled us to alter the next generation PLEO rb
on the basic genetic level allowing us to create many exciting new abilities.
We´re thrilled to announce everyone´s favorite life-form can now live forever !
In addition, we configured the PLEO rb to be much more inquisitive,
active and vivacious and can´t wait to share its new capabilities with you.
PLEO rb has evolved to include a "BORN-IN" character and
giving each PLEO rb unique qualities,
the "BORN IN" characteristics are :-
- Gender
- Courage
- Temper
- Activeness
- Obedience.
In addition, five distinct "AFTER BORN" attributes have been built
into the AI system and these 5 attributes are:-
- Feed
- Mood
- Emotion
- Health
- Physicality
These determine its physical and social behavioral patterns.
PLEO rb "dreams" during daytime.
The day dreaming motions such as low snoring,
shaking and minor body movements are very cute !
PLEO rb has more energy than before !
It is now equipped with a higher capacity Li polymer battery
which will extend the activity time and 230Vac Charger.
PLEO rb has over thousand unique looks.
There are various shades green and yellow skin and
various colors of eyes and eyelids so it´s not easy to find two alike !
PLEO rb has a sensation of time from an internal clock inside it's
artificial intelligent (AI) system.
It is able to recognize day or night after you tell it
once when it´s noon your time.
Pleo rb knows when it´s time to sleep or eat and
isn´t shy about telling either.
PLEO rb has more animations and
sounds added to its new AI system.
The animations will be determined by the AI system
according to DNA characteristics and the current attributes
resulted from its interactions with its master and environment !
PLEO rb has better eyesight, which enables it to recognize
yellow red green training leaf.
PLEO rb is prone to search and move its head towards the
PLEO rb training leaf within the range of its eyesight.
In addition, PLEO rb can sense the danger of a table´s edge,
or cliff and will generally walk away.
PLEO rb would be able to read special PLEO rb Birthday and
Christmas Cards.
PLEO rb will response after it sees these cards !

PLEO rb has better skin sensation to differentiate between
petting and hitting.
PLEO rb demonstrates awareness of the presence of other
PLEO rb dinosaurs.
It is able to recognize the gender of other PLEO rb
with direct eye contact.
Pods of PLEO rb´s generally play nicely together,
though there can be a few troublemakers in the bunch.
PLEO rb knows if you swing it around.
It also exhibits response to shaking, petting, or impact.
Motion and position interactions have positive or
negative effects on PLEO rb´s overall demeanor.
PLEO rb also has a sensation to temperature resulting in
different responses such as sneezing or shaking when cold and
panting or getting dizzy when hot !
PLEO rb includes a more complex system of emotional responses
designed to enhance the interactive learning capability and parental bond.
Several specific "LEARNING STONES" enable the owner to teach PLEO rb
some verbal commands such as to eat, dance, come etc.
Also the PLEO rb ID card enables the owner to teach PLEO rb
to learn and remember its name - it´s so much more interactive !
Features :
- Over feeling 10,000 sensors
- 14 motion motors
- 12 touch sensors
- Temperature sensor
- Timer
- IR camera systems at the foot
- RFID detection
- Voice Recognition
- Microphone
- An ID card to learn his name
- Ground sensor.
Technical data :
Dimensions ; (W x H x D) 52 x 19 x 16 cm.
Specification ; Pre-Assembled, Game robot.
Including Li-Po rechargable battery and 230V charger.
Pleo's egen hjemme-side
Pleo's egen hjemme-side