The CYCLOPS is the first and only radio controlled toy that combines all the
coolest features of a true spy car into one elusive vehicle!
Spy on your friends while seeing and hearing all the action through the
ISR1’s™ on board miniature wireless video camera and
microphone. Then battle it out in spy-vs-spy style with its built-in infrared
lasers and color LCD display with built-in crosshair scope. You can even
play it all on your TV or camcorder! R/C toys will never be the same!

This is a RC car with a camera built into the windshield and a color LCD
screen in the controller. There is even a microphone in the car; not only
can you see what's happening from a dachshund's perspective, you can
hear what's going on as well. If you've got two Cyclops Camera Cars you
can play Laser Tag. Each car is fitted with four lights at the rear.
Whenever a car takes a direct hit one of the lights goes out to indicate the
loss of a life. If you get hit four times your car is disabled for 15 seconds
allowing your opponent to make a quick get away. Truly brilliant.The
Cyclops also has a microphone/speaker function so that you can listen in
on people's conversations as well as a TV out socket so that you can
transmit the picture to the television and video the action if you want to
record your spying sessions. It even has working headlights for midnight

Features :
· High Resolution C-MOS video camera
· 1.8 inch TFT colour LCD display
· Miniature wireless microphone
· Infrared Laser Tag
· RCA video and audio out to TV/video-recorder
. Headphone and A/Cpower jack on R/C
· Ultra bright headlights (remote controlled)
· High/Low sped selector
. Built-in crosshair scope
· Dual channels for two players
. Brightness and volume adjustment
· Safety wrist strap

Package Contents :
· SR1 Spy Car
· SACS Controller
· Detachable Antenna
· 9.V Rechargeable Battery Pack
· Battery Charger
· AA Battery Tray

Battery Requirements : Car 1 x 9V Rechargeable Battery Pack (Included)
or 8 x AA (Not Included), Controller 8 x AA (Not Included) or DC

Measurements: Car approx. 28cm in length. Controller approx. 15cm in
R/C Bil med Video-Kamera & Farge-monitor (& Laser-Kanon)
Leveres Komplett med Trådløs Mikrofon, Laser-Kanon &
Trådløst Farge-Kamera, montert i Bilen.
Fjernkontrollen (R/C) leveres med høyoppløselig Farge-Monitor,
Høyttaler og Lys forran & Bak (som kan styres fra R/C).
Oppladbare Batterier & 220V Ac Adapter.
Nå behøver du ikke være i samme rommet som du kjører i.
Alt kan styres fra Fjernkontrollen med innebygget Monitor.
Du kan også se på Bilen som et Fjernstyrt overvåknings-kamera.
Styring til Høyre & Venstre, Forrover & Bakkover.
Hver bil har bryter med 2 forskjellige Frekvenser,
slik at 2 biler kan 'krige' mot hverandre.
Treffer du motstaderen med din synlige Laser-Stråle (rød),
som er montert i hver bil, blir motstandersens bil blokert i 15 sec.
Du kan også koble Fjernkontrollen til TV, for å se alt på storskjerm,
eller ta Video-opptak av det du ser.
Tekniske-Data :
MÃ¥l Bilen : 28 cm lang
MÃ¥l R/C   : 15 cm
1,8" TFT LCD farge-skjerm
Høyoppløslig CMOS farge-Kamera
(Rekevidde : ca.100 m).
Lav/Høy max. hastighets bryter.
Forover/Bakover, Høyre/Venstre kontroll
RCA Video /ut.
Superkraftige Lykter foran.
2 Frekvenser for å kjøre to biler samtidig. 5059
kr. 1998,-
Video ; Click på Bildet
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Andre Fjernstyrte Produkter
698,- ..( 2 st. kr. 998,- /499,- pr. st. )
Kan også brukes som et Trådløst
Tilbud !   kr.  699,-
Husk !.. FÃ¥r du hakkede bilder, sett da inn,
nye batterier i Fjernkontrollen, og lad opp bilen.