Full function radio control
Porprietary digital porportional control technology
Variable speed control
Easy to operate
Light weight and safe
Pre-assembled and ready to fily
Flying styles include hand take off and climbing,
descend and spot landing, circling, figure 8, spiral and gliding
Numerous accessories for flying fun

Plane :
High power 1 x "8.4V" 350mAH Ni-MH rechargeable
Battery pack (included).
220Vac Charger (included).  
Transmitter :
4 x "AA" size alkaline batteries required   
Battery case for outdoor charging :
10 x "C" size alkaline batteries required   
Portable Battery charger  
For ages 8 and up
Take your own aerial shots with a totally unique R/C plane – complete
with digital camera! Featuring ‘bomber' function too!

All too often we've seen products described as a toy/game/gadget etc. â
€˜with a difference', only to discover when we test them that the only real
difference is a higher price tag.
Thankfully, that doesn't apply to the X-Plane, which has to be the most
unique R/C flying toy ever to wing its way (sorry) into Arngren.
Well, how many R/C planes have you seen with a built-in digital camera?

The X-Plane is both easy and fun to fly, but flight is just a tiny part of what
makes it special
What would be a few simple loops around the lounge with any other plane
is a secret spy mission with the X-Plane.
Simply press the remote's RELEASE button to activate the camera,
and you can get digital aerial shots of anything you want.
Of course, we wouldn't suggest anything as naughty as not telling
observers about the camera – even though it is very discreet...

But if being able to take pictures with your plane isn't exciting enough,
you can indulge in bombing raids too.
bombs, a miniature spy plane and even a paratrooper,
complete with opening ' chute ' !  In fact if you move quickly enough,
you could get a shot of the reaction of surprised bystanders.

With all the cool extra features, we almost forgot to mention how much
you'll enjoy flying the X-Plane.
It boasts four-channel digital proportional control for smooth,
realistic movement, with throttle, rudder and elevator controls.
Don't worry that combining all this with bombing/snapping will be difficult ;
just one key controls all the special functions.

See? We told you this was a toy ‘ with a difference '
– several of them in fact.
Prepare to take R/C flight to a whole new dimension.

Plane measures 57 x 84cm (l x w inc. wingspan).
Plane uses 1 x 8.4V Ni-MH battery, included.
Transmitter uses 4 x AA batteries.
Digital camera uses 1 x AAA battery.

Package includes :
X-Plane Aeroplane
Radio control panel
Digital camera
Battery pack
AC/DC adapter
Propellers and fasteners
Accessory pack
(Paper plane, paratrooper, bomb, capsules and containers, labels)

Features :
Unique ‘ aerial photography ' function with digital camera
Missile/paratrooper drop feature
Digital proportional 4-channel radio control
Real runway take off
Easy to fly
Robust and lightweight
95% assembled

Specifications :
Battery charging time : 0,5 - 2 hours (4 hours for initial two charges)
Operating frequency: 27MhZ
Weight (excluding camera/accessories) : 235g
Fjernstyrt Elektrisk  X-Fly (4ch)
Dette er det mest utrolige Flyet jeg har sett.
Det kan Lette & Lande fra Bakken.  (Meget enkelt Ã¥ styre).
Du kan slippe ut en Fallskjerm-Hopper, Bomber, Glide-fly,
og ta Digitale Luft-Foto (kommer med innebygget Digital-Kamera).
Alt Styres fra Fjernkontrollen.
NÃ¥ kan du ta Fly-Foto av der du bor, eller naboen.
Leveres Ferdigbygget Komplett med alt :
4ch Fjernkontroll, Oppladbart-Batteri, 220Vac Lader,
Bærbar Lade-Stasjon, Ekstra-Propell,
PC-Software, PC-Kabel,
Glide-Fly, Fallskjerm-Hopper & Bomber.
MÃ¥l : (L) 57 cm.    Vinge-Spenn : 84 cm.
Fly-Høyde : 300 m.   Rekevidde : 1000 m.
Fly-Tid : 20 - 30 min
Lade-Tid : 25 - 60 min.
Anbefalt Alder : 8 - 80 år.
Best.nr. 6699
kr. 999,-
X-Plane  FlySimulator (Gratis Demo)
Lad Batteriet i flyet 2 ganger etter hverandre,
i starten, mellom hver flyvning.
Sjekk at Batteriet ikke blir for varmt.
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