CCPM - Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing :

Cyclic/Collective Pitch Mixing could be a helicopter pilot"s dream comes true.
The CCPM system utilizes three servos for the three main controls:
Aileron, elevator, and collective. The three servos are powered independently,
but they work to each other in order to achieve a specific motion.
If in case, an aileron input is given, all three servos cooperate to adjust the swash
plate fore and aft. For collective, the servos will force the swash plate up and
down the main rotor shaft.

Because the servos are directly attached to the swash plate with short rigid links,
CCPM offers a level of backlash-free precision that just can"t be matched with
other types of control systems.
And because three servos work in unison to raise and lower the swash plate
for pitch changes, three times the servo power is available in pitch
while two times the servo power is available for cyclic inputs,
so the swash plate is more aggressively held in its position.

Thanks to three servos working in unison rather than independently.