G-Tech Pro  kan mÃ¥le
( i Bil eller Motorsykkel ) :
. Akselerasjon  (0-100km/t) (0 - 160 - 0 km/t)
. Hestekrefter   (Hp)
. Dreiemoment (Nm)
. Turtal (RPM)
. G-krefter
. Hastighet

Nøyaktighet : 5/100 sec.
Tempratur og retnings uavhengig (3 gyroer).
Alle signalen fanges opp via Sigarett-lighter kontakten i bilen.
Ingen instalasjon ; kobles til sigarett-lighter kontakten,
som også føler motorens turtall.
Turtallet vises hele tiden mens du kjører.
Du kan også ta med deg enheten
(snapp in), og lese av dataene et annet sted,
eller flytte den til en annen
Bil, Motorsykkel, eller BÃ¥t.
Leveres Komplett med :
MÃ¥ler, Bil-Brakett (m/ sugekopp), SigLighter Kabel &
Utførlig Bruksanvisning.
Best.nr. 2010
Pris  kr. 3298,- (ink. mva.)

Engros pris (min 5 st.) :
kr. 1699,-  (ex.mva.)
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Arngren Topp-30. produkter
Porsch 911 (993) Turbo- R
Ingen installasjon. Kan kobles rett i Sig. pluggen.
Du kan lagre 30 målinger, og få en
av resultatene, som vist på bildet over.
GTECH Pro SS Meter
New for 2004, the GTECH Pro SS brings new features and enhancements
over the older Gtech Pro Competition Meter.
It's features are :
G-TECH/Pro will give you accurate horesepower ratings for your car before
and after modification.
It's a great way to see if you are making the right improvements.
With the revolutionary new RPM pickup right from the cigarette lighter
we are able to measure Torque and display a DYNO-plot graph.
We are the only people in the world to do this at this time.
20 m Time
20m time is a new measurement which helps to determine
if your car is getting away from the line or not.
200 m (1/8th) and 400 m (1/4 mile)
Oldies but goodies.
These two measurements are what has made G-TECH a household name
with car enthusiasts all over the world.
0 -100 and 0 -160 -0 km/h
0-100 km/h is another standard measurement with the new
0-160-0 km/h becoming increasingly more popular with the magazines.
RPM and Shiftlights
RPMs and Shiftlights we are particularly proud of.
We have invented this technology.
No one in the world can pick-up RPMs from the cigarette lighter.
Yes, MSD ignitions and even diesels work!
Handling G's
G-TECH/Pro SS model has a unique new G-arrow that shows you the direction of the G's
that you are pulling and new large G numbers that are easy to read at a glance.
Record up to 30 runs
With the new friendly icon-based user interface you can chose and review
any of your runs in a matter of a couple of button clicks.
3 Precision Sensors
We are the only G-meter that has x, y and z precision accelerometers.
This improves accuracy and consistency.
It also allows you to orient the G-TECH/Pro any way you like.
2998,-....2 st. kr. 5596,- / 2798,- pr. st.
.kr. 2998,-
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