Specification ( Walkera HM 53#Q3 2.4 G ) :
01). Main Rotor Dia. A : 45 cm
02). Tail Rotor Dia. B : 45 cm
03). Overall Length : 41 cm
04). Drive Motor : 2 x 370SH
05). Battery : 7.4V 1200mAh Li-Po
06). Transmitter : WK-2402 (2.4 Ghz)
07). Receiver : RX-2413D
08). All-up Weight : 365g (Battery included)
09). Gyro : Built-in
10). Servo : WK-7.6-3 ; weight : 8.4g ; speed : 0.12sec/60o (4.8V) ;
     torque : 1.4kgf.cm (4.8V) ; dimension : 22.5X11.5X24mm
Features :
1). CNC-machined metal rotor head and coaxial structure,
   highly emulational shape with the-state-of-the-art workmanship.
2). New 2.4G spread spectrum technology, with the functions of
    automatic code pairing and ID assignment,
    can allow many RC aircrafts to fly in the same field and same time.
3). It utilizes the 2.4G  4-in-1 receiving circuit with the functions of
   servo extent adjustment and built-in gyro sensitivity adjustment.
4). High performance 2 x 370SH motor, powered by 7.4V 1200mAh Lipo,
   offers 15-to-20 minute flight time, depending on the flight modes.
Specification ( Walkera 5# 2.4G ) :
(1). Main rotor diameter :18 cm
(2). Overall length : 50 cm
(3). Overall width : 50 cm
(4). Drive system : 1225FE
(5). Battery : 7.4V 800mAh Li-po.
(6). Receiver : 4-in-1
(7). Transmitter : WK-2402 (2.4 Ghz)
(8). Gyro : 3D Gyro & attitude control.
(9). All-up weight ; 210g (battery inluded)
Features :
1). Quarto motors drive make unimaginable stable flight,
    and bring you more fun.
2). Flight time will be up to 10 to 15 minutes
    on a 7.4V 800mAh LiPo .
3). Modularized design features convenient
   maintenance at low cost
4). Main rotor blades are specially protected by arc-like
   carbon fiber which effectively prohibits blades,
   people and property from damage Integrated design of
   3D gyro and attitude control provides precise locating in air.
Fjernstyrt  X-UFO Ny super-stabil type
( 3D Gyro & attitude-kontroll ).
4 kanaler og 2.4 Ghz RC ( Walkera 5# 2.4G ).
Leveres nå med 3D gyro og attitude-kontroll.
Er laget av Carbonfiber, som gjør den meget sterk.
Kan styres i alle retninger, med rekevidde 1000 m +
Leveres komplett med alt, ink. ekstra sett med
Rotor-Blader, 3D Gyro, 4 Kanalers Fjernkontroll,
Blinkene-Lys og 220V Lader.  
- Rekevidde : 1000m +
- Batteri : 7,4V 800 mAh Li-po.
- Flytid : ca. 10 - 15 min.
- Ladetid 20 - 90 min.
- MÃ¥l : 50 x 50 cm.
- Vekt ink. batteri : 210 g
- Rotor-diameter : 18 cm
Anbefalt Alder : 10 - 80 år.
Best.nr. 1011
kr. 1998,-
Fjernstyrt  4 ch MD 500 Helikopter Ny super-stabil type
4 kanaler og 2.4 Ghz RC ( Walkera HM 53#Q3 2.4G ).
Leveres med dobbel-rotor system, for ekstra stabilitet.
Er laget av Carbonfiber & forsterket plast.
Kan styres i alle retninger, med rekevidde 1000 m.
Leveres komplett med alt, ink. ekstra sett med
Rotor-Blader, Gyro, 4 Kanalers Fjernkontroll (2.4Ghz),
Blinkene-Lys og 220V Lader.  
- Rekevidde : 1000m.
- Batteri : 7,4V 1200 mAh Li-po.
- Flytid : ca. 15 - 20 min.
- Ladetid 30 - 90 min.
- Lengde : 41 cm.
- Rotor-diameter : 45 cm
- Vekt ink. batteri : 365 g
Anbefalt Alder : 10 - 80 år.
Best.nr. 1009
kr. 1298,-
2 nye RC produkter fra Walkera
med 2.4 Ghz Fjernkontroll
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4-CH Beginner RC Helicopters »
4 CH 2.4GHz Walkera UFO #5 Remote Control Electric RC UFO RTF
New 2.4G Spread Spectrum technology allows the transmitter and
receiver to be 'locked-on' to the same frequency ensuring much improved
reliability and peace of mind when flying.
Second, 2.4 Gigahertz systems offers quicker, more responsive control,
when compared to a standard frequency system.
Third, Operating at 2.4 Gigahertz also puts the radio control out of the
frequency range of any 'noise' caused by the other electronic
components on your helicopter - such as the motor, speed controller and
any metal to metal noise - eliminating interference and glitching that can
affect traditional frequency system.
Fourth, another main characteristic of 2.4 Gigahertz equipment from a RC
model club’s point of view is that no frequency control is needed.
Eliminating the need to check everyone else's channel numbers,
prior to flying. No more worries about turning up at a club
with the wrong crystal in your Tx.
Everyone wonders if UFO's are real, but with this awesome
UFO #5 from Walkera lets you imagine what it might be like to be
the pilot of a hovering UFO.
The Main Rotors are protected by an ARC like shield that is made of
Carbon Fiber which prohibits them from damaging other items such as
furniture and they also help minimize the possibility of people getting hurt.
This is a seriously unique item from Walkera and one of the most
anticipated because of it's special nature.
Feature :
4 Channel remote control set includes complete Forward/Backward,
Left/Right, Up/Down control.
New 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Transmitter, Awesome Look , Reliable
Spread Spectrum Mixer/Gyro Control, More Stable Flight,
Even First Timer can Control Easily.
New 2.4GHz technology, with the functions of automatic identification and
precise code pairing, strong anti-jamming, and allow more than
20 aircrafts to fly at the same field at same time.
More stable flight, even first timer can control easily.
Reliable high quality mixer with built-in gyro board.
Factory Pre-assembled, zero assembly time.
The main rotor blades are using top quality plastic materials,
which is not easily break.
Quarto motors drive make unimaginable stable flight and
bring you more fun.
Flight time will be up to 10 to 12 minutes on a 7.4V 800mAh LiPo
Complete Kit, Ready to Fly
(Everything is included and 100% assembled -
- only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying).
Specification :
Main Rotor Diameter : 180mm (7.08inch)
Length : 500mm (18.7 inch)
Width : 500mm (18.7 inch)
Flying Weight : 210g (7.4 oz)
Gyro : 3D Gyro
Driven system : 1225FE
Battery : 7.4V 800mAh Li-Polymer
Control system : 4CH Multifunctional 2.4 GHz Transmitter
WK-2401and 4-in-1 Receiver.
Radio Control Range: 3300 feet (1000m)
Package Include :
- Helicopter (100% Assembled)
- 4 Channel 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum Multifunctional R/C Transmitter.
- Wall Battery Charger.
- High Quality 7.4V 800 mAh Li-Po Rechargeable Battery.
- English Manual
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Avatar gunship (Z008).  New 2011 model.
This palm size UFO like helicopter have
outstanding performance in hovering.
4 Channels for flying it, able to move in 6 Directions.
The full metal body frame protects the heli from crash, it won't break easily.
This would be great for those who are new to R/C toys !
Be ware that this toy helicopter is designed for those who are over 8 years old.
That's suitable from kids to adults !
This heli newly released for 2011 with an eye catching outlook.
Silver blue canopy, cool streamline shape, and looks like wear sunglasses.
It even take care with night flying by installing some glittering LEDs !
The most unique design must be its 2 rotors aside, recall me the gunship in Avatar !
This micro size 4 channels coaxial toy heli equipped
with 3.7V 140 mAh Lipo battery and 3 axis gyro.
Z008  is very stable in hovering and move in all 6 directions,
achieve hand free hovering without difficulties.
The alloy metal frame and elastic blade reduce the chance
of replacement after crashes.
Specification :
1. Overall Size : 22 X 13 X 12 cm
2. Channels : 4 Channels with Gyro.
 (Rotate Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise, Move Left/Right,
 Move Forward/Backward/Up/Down)
3. Charging Time : Approx.: 40 minutes
4. Flight Duration : 8 - 10 minutes
5. Battery : 3.7V 140 mAh Lipo
6. Remote Bands : 3 Selectable Bands
Remark :
1. You can charge the heli through transmitter or
  computer through USB wire, which is a flexible and
  user friendly feature commonly found on micro size heli.
  Also, z008 allow you to play with 3 helis at the same time with your friends,
  as it offers 3 selectable bands.
2. Coaxial Structure ensures stable flying of this mini helicopter.
  The newly designed body enhance the rear movement
  and can best balance the heli body.
3. With built-in Gyro and all-together 4 motors, allows stable flight during movement,
  anti-rotating, and generates full power flight.
4. Thre selectable bands, this allows maximum 3 helicopters can fly in the same area.
  This infra-red transmitter can act as the charger for the heli,
  it needs 6 AA batteries to function.
5. How to charge it ? Easy ! Just plug it to the transmitter,
  switch the transmitter on, that's it !
  If you don;t want to draw power from the dry battery pack, you can also charge by
  the USB cable included, so that you can charge by a Laptop or PC.
45 cm langt
RC kamp-helikopter med Gyro (3 ch)
Alle funksjonene kan styres fra den Digitale-Fjernkontrollen,
slik som Lyskaster, Laser-kanon, blinking og lyder.
2 'ekte' soldater og utsmykkingen av helikopteret,
gjør det meget naturtro.
Med en lengde på nesten 50 cm, gir det et realistisk inntrykk,
og 3-akser Gyre gir MEGET høy stabilitet.
Kamp-helikopteret kan fly opp/ned, forover/bakover,
og til høyre & venstre.
Dette er fremtidens RC helikopter.
Helikopteret er laget av uknuselig ABS/Gummi materiale og med
bøyelige rotorblader, tåler det gjentatte støt & krasjer
Leveres komplett med alt, ink. ;
Ekstra sett med Rotor-Blader, Gyro, 3 Kanalers Fjernkontroll,
Blinkene-Lys, Laser-kanon, Lyskaster,
2 naturtro Soldater,
og DC & 230Vac Lader.  
- Rekevidde : 200 m
- 3 ch Digital Radio-Fjernkontroll.
- Batteri : 7,4V 1100 mAh Li-po.
- Motorer : 2 kraftige hoved-motorer & 1 hale-motor.
- Flytid : ca. 15 min.
- Ladetid 40 - 50 min.
- MÃ¥l : 45 (L)  x 16 (B) x 25 (B) cm (1 : 32).
- Vekt ink. batteri : 450 g
- Rotor-diameter : 45 cm
Anbefalt Alder : 9 - 80 år.
Best.nr. 1025   kr. 798,-
Tilbud ! .....kr. 598,-
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våre Fjernstyrte-produkter
Avatar film-klipp
10 hotteste Pikene i Spill
Avatar filmklipp-2
Avatar filmklipp-1(HD)
Avatar filmklipp-1(HD)
Kloden Pandora
i filmen Avatar (HD)
Overflaten på kloden Pandora i filmen Avatar
Pandoras webside
Avatar Scorpion Gunship
Avatar Scorpion Gunship. 36 cm langt
Produk egenskaper :
Fra James Cameron's filmen, Avatar
Avatar Scorpion Gunship,
recreated here in intense, movie-accurate detail.
Comes with over 24 points of articulation.
Includes dual firing projectiles, quadruple spinning blades,
and rotating gun barrel
Articulated cockpit that fits all basic Avatar RDA and Na'vi figures
MÃ¥l :
36 (L) x 10 (H) x 30 (W) cm.
Leveres med 2 kanoner som skyter prosjektiler.
En interaktiv 3D gjengivelse av Gunshipet følger med.
Gunshipet kommer ut av PC-skjermen og du kan styre det med hendene
Passer til alle 10 cm høye figurer.
Best.nr. 1028
kr. 298,-    ( 14 dagers leveringstid.
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Kloden Pandora i filmen Avatar (HD)
Feature :
Full function 3 channel radio control
(Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
Real life helicopter styling.
Included with 2 action figures for true vivid flying actions !!!
Equipped with Gyroscope System for simpliest controls and extreme stabilities.
- Bright flashing muti-color LED lights
3 channel digital proportional control.
- Unique material withstand crashes.
- Flies over 200 m high.
- 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
- Newly designed super strong crashworthy propeller.
- Altitude and rotor speed control.
- Flight stabilizing system
- Super lightweight airframe
- Brake for easy landing
- Up to 200 m radio control range
Ready To Fly, Easy To Fly Complete Kit, Ready to Fly
(Everything is included and 100% assembled --
only required 6 AA batteries for the radio transmitter to start flying) .
Specification :
Length : 45 cm
Height: 25 cm
Main Rotor Diameter: 45 cm
Battery: 7.4V 1100 mAh Li-Polymer battery.
Flight Time : 10 - 15 minutes
Package Include :
- Helicopter (100% assembled), including 2 lifelike Soldiers.
- 3 Channel Digital Radio Remote Controller.
- Rechargeable 7.4V 1100 mAh Li-Po Battery for Helicopter.
- 230VAC wall battery balance charger.
- English Manual.
Stor AVATAR, Klikk her
Stor AVATAR, Klikk her
Stor AVATAR, Klikk her
Stor AVATAR, Klikk her
Stor AVATAR, Klikk her
Video ( Den MÃ¥ du se )
( Sett oppløsningen på
720 )
Avatar Gunship. Ny stor utgave (25 cm lang)
Video ( Den MÃ¥ du se
25 cm langt
RC Avatar Gunship helikopter (4,5ch Ny stor utgave 25 cm langt)
med innebygget 3 aksers Gyro for ekstremt stabil-flyvning.
Er laget av Aluminium, som gjør den meget sterk.
Kan styres i alle retninger, med rekevidde 30 m.
Kan fly oppe/ned, høyre/venster, forover/bakover og
rotere til høyre og til venstre ( 6 retninger ).
Utrolig stabilt.
På grunn av de 2 rotorene på siden og 3 aksers-Gyro,
Gunshipet stå helt stille i luften uten at du rører RC'en.
Dette er det perfekte Helikopter for nybegynnere,
og viderekommende, som tåler gjentatte krasjer.
Leveres komplett med alt ink. ;
Ekstra set med rotor-blader, 3 aksers Gyro,
4,5 Kanalers Fjernkontroll, Blinkene-Lys,
USB lade-kabel, og RC lade-kabel.  
- Rekevidde : 30 m med Cruise-kontroll.
- RC : 4,5 kanaler & 3 band Infra Rød.
- Batteri : 3,7V 240 mAh Li-po ( Kan også lades fra din PC ).
- 3 valgbare frekvenser (3 Gunship kan fly på likt).
- Flytid : 10 - 15  min.
- Ladetid 20 - 30 min.
- Mål : 25 (L) 13 (B) x 12 (H) cm (Høyde uten rotor-aksen)
- Rotor-diameter : 18 cm
Anbefalt Alder : 5 - 90 år.
Leveres med et ekstra rotorer (Hoved-rotorene er ubrekkelige).
Best.nr. 1021
Tilbud ! .. kr. 299,-.
(.Veiledende kr. 398,- )
Dette er det RÃ¥este RC Helikopteret
som noensinne er laget.
Kloden Pandora
i filmen Avatar (HD)
Avatar filmklipp-1(HD)
Video ( Den MÃ¥ du se )
Se simulert Video av et Avatar Gunship
Se Video av et hjemmelaget Avatar Gunship
Verdens mest stabile RC helikopter ?