Solbrille-Kamera med Opptaker/avspiller av bilder & lyd
Har innebygget 4Gbye flash-hukommelse ( Se data under ).
- 1.3 megapixel CMOS farge-kamera (Meget høy oppløsning).
- Solbrille-kamera kan kobles til PC, via medfølgenede USB kabel.
- Leveres med Trådløs-Fjernkontroll.
- Kan ta 13.100 stillbilder eller 5 - 20 min. Video.
Best. nr. 1998,-

(2 sett kr. 3598,- / 1799,- pr. sett).
Sunglasses Camera with 4GB MP3 Player +
Built-In Earphones
Stylish spy camera sun glasses with built in earphones.
Take your pictures in style and ease using this covert
style camera shades set with built-in 4GB MP3 player,
and earphones.
With amazing quality and easy button or remote control,
a long lasting rechargeable battery,
and polarized lenses for eye protection,
these mp3 shades make a great travel accessory for anyone.
Whether you need a convenient camera
for use during sports activities, private detective work,
or just leisure, you can simply snap pictures of whatever
you're looking at with the wireless shutter button
in your pocket or sunglasses control buttons
on the glasses themselves.
At a Glance...
- Camera sun glasses with built in earphones.
- Control either with on ear controls or
by convenient pocket remote.
China Manufacturer Specifications
- Main Function : Camera Sunglasses
(Spy Sunglasses for surveillance or fun).
- Additional Function : MP3 player sunglasses
with built in earphones.
- Camera : 1.3 megapixel CMOS Color Sensor .
- Storage : 4GB built-in flash memory
- Transfer and storage : via built-in USB slot and supplied cable
- Compatible Music Formats : MP3, WMA, ADPCM
Camera Properties :
- Capture Format : JPG
- Resolution : 1280x1024
- Focus Range : 0.3m~infinity
- Field of View : 60 Degrees
- Power Source : Internal 240mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery
- Battery Life: 4-6 hours of use
- Battery recharge time : 2.5 hours
- Operating Systems : Windows 98SE / ME / 2000/ XP / Vista,
Mac OS 9.0 and later, Linux 2.4 and later
- Dimensions : 160mm x 160mm x 40mm (L x W x D)
- Manufacturer Ref : BD04D4UI7RCA
Product Notes
- Stylish Design
- Polarized anti-scratch lenses
- Snap in style replaceable lenses
- Simple button controls for music
- Remote or on sunglasses button control for camera
Package Contents
- Model CVSD-628-4GB Camera Sunglasses
- User manual
- Full sized carrying case
- USB power/transfer cable
- Cleaning Cloth
- Remote Control
- Extra clear glass lens
- Driver/Software CD
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Car video camera for real field video recording of road conditions.
This roof or windshield mounted in vehicle video recording
DV camera is a highly useful tool for insurance agents,
road engineers, highway construction workers,
and law enforcement personnel.
This mini digital camcorder comes with a suction mount,
and flexible arm along with a red laser to use for proper setup
and in action adjustment to assure you are capturing
exactly the images you want.
Recording videos at a computer friendly 320 x 240 with 15 FPS,
this car camera makes recording and archiving your videos easy.
With its use of a standard micro-SD memory card slot,
you can insert a card and simply push the record button
when you start your drive in the morning and
then you can easily push stop and remove the card when you arrive
at your destination, insert it into your computer,
transfer your video files, and then take the card back out to
your vehicle and place it into the camera and
start a new recording session when you drive out again.
No need to ever remove the camera from your vehicle !
At a Glance...
- Car video camera for real field video recording of road conditions.
- Built in red laser pointer for aiming the camera's line of sight.
- Records videos at a computer friendly 320 x 240 with 15 FPS.
- Supports standard micro SD cards (not included).
Product Specifications
- Primary Function : Car Digital Video Camera
- Image Sensor : 1/4 Color CMOS
- Minimum Illumination : 5.0 LUX
- Recording File Type : AVI
- Image File Resolution : 320 x 240
- Camera Recording Distance : up to 80 meters
- Memory : microSD/TF card support up to 2 GB
- Recording Time : approx 150 minutes for 1 GB, 300 minutes for 2 GB
- Power Supply : Power adapter for car cigarette lighter socket (included)
- Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 C
Dimensions :
- Recorder : 8,5 x 5,5 x 3,0 cm (L x H x D)
- Suction Base + Arm : 8,0 x 12,5 cm (diameter x height)
- Manufacturer Ref : E4C8593BADFA
- Catalog Ref: Police Car Camera, Road DV Camera, Vehicle Camcorder
Product Notes
- This camera has no internal memory and does not come
with a micro SD/TF card.
Please insert a memory card before recording.
This camera records in 50 minute cycles.
When the recording cycle is finished it will automatically
start a new recording cycle.
- For security guards or investigators that will be on the road all day,
two memory cards will be required when recording for the whole day.
Package Contents
- Model CVSD-J06 Car Video Camera
- Suction Base with Flexible Mounting Arm
- Car Power Adapter (DC 12V)
- User Manual - English
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
If I see some action on the side of the road how do I change
the direction of the camera ?
Simply turn it. The base station arm is fully flexible and
will allow up/down/right/left adjustment of the camera.
Make sure to turn on the laser so you can aim the camera
at exactly the scene you want to record.
- Does the camera record audio ?
No, this camera only records video.
Bil-Kamera med Opptaker/avspiller av Video
( Se data under ).
Leveres med Sugekopp for vindu/tak-montering, Goose-neck,
360 grader dreibart kamera og 12Vdc sig. lighter plugg.
- 6,25 mm CMOS farge-kamera .
- Bil-kamera kan kobles til PC, via medfølgenede USB kabel.
- Kan ta opp 150 min. Video med 1 Gb SD-brikke og
300 min. Video med 2Gb
- Bilde-oppløsning : 320 x 240 pixels.
- Laser avstands & retnings-måler, for nøyaktig fokusering.
Best. nr. 998,-

(2 sett kr. 1598,- / 799,- pr. sett).
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