Dummy Camera  (plast)
blinkende Rød-LED.
Dette Jukse-Kameraet ser ekte ut,
og leveres med naturtro Linse,
og en Blinkene Rød LED.
Monterings materiell, og
Ledning følger med.
Kan brukes ute og inne.
LED'en drives av standard AA Batterer.
(Plast) Kan brukes ute og inne.
Best.nr. 1050   kr. 179,-
Topp- 30 produkter
Tilbud !
06 st. a'  kr. 279,- (ink. mva.)
06 st. a'  kr. 89,- (ink. mva.)
10 st. a'  kr. 249,- (ink. mva.)
10 st. a'  kr. 79,- (ink. mva.)
Trådløst GSM farge-Kamera
med bevegelses-detektor og innebygget
oppladbart batteri.
Nå kan du, fra hvor som helst i verden, overvåke
ditt hus, hytte eller garasje med din Mobiltel.
- Kan sende Lyd, Bilder & Video til din Mobil, eller PC.
- Nattlys
- Innebygget-Sirene & Alarm-funksjon.
- Programerbar.
- Batteri-backup ( 1200 mAh Li-ion ).
- Leveres med 2 st. Fjernkontroller,
230Vac adapter og dreibar brakett.
Best.nr. 4010 kr. 2998,-

3 st. kr. 7497,- / 2499,- pr. st.
Primary Functions :
Wireless PIR (passive infrared) monitoring system that transmits
MMS alerts to your mobile phone.
Picture Format : JPEG
Resolution : 480x320, 320x240
Minimum Illumination : 1 Lux
Built-in Lights : YES- 24 white LED for night shots
Recommended Range for Objects : 1-12M
(night vision range up to 6M).
Angular Field of View : Horizontal 60 deg / Vertical 60 deg
Image Device : 4mm CCTV
Relative Aperture : 1.4mm
Operation Temperature : -12 ~ 50 deg C
Dimensions : 116mm x 55mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
Power supply : AC adapter
Backup Battery : 1200mAh rechargeable li-ion
Certification : CE, FCC, CCC
Manufacturer Ref : AI4H0JSBPJXX
Other Features :
Highly programmable with messaging and siren alert options
Aim it at any sensitive area such as an interior door or window
Use the keychain remote to activate / de-activate the unit
when you leave or arrive at your secured location
Camera Hanging Bracket for wall, ceiling or furniture mounting
Package Contents :
Model CVSEY-5903 Mobile AV Monitor
x 2 Remote control
Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
User manual - English
Mounting stand
Slik virker GSM-Kameraet :
- Bestill et SIM-kort hos oneCall, Ludo
(De har gratis kort), eller lignende opperatør.
- Sett SIM-kortet inn i kamera-boksen.
- Aktiver MMS funksjonen på din mobiltel.
- Nå kan du ringe til eller motta, på din
lyd/bilder/video fra GSM-kameraet.
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Family GPS Tracker with Messaging - GSM/GPRS/SMS (EU).
An indispensable device when your family's safety is your
number one priority.
This EU version of the CVHS-G42 operates on the
GSM frequencies of 900MHz and 1800MHz.
This compact GPS Tracker offers peace of mind to families and
others wanting to take care of their loved ones,
or sentimental belongings.
Place one in your child's backpack or school bag in case they
become lost or worse, and you'll always know where they are.
It's especially useful when your children go on school trips and
you can't be there to watch over them.
This device also offers reassurance when you have older
children and you need to confirm that they are indeed
at the library doing research and not at the mall
hanging out with their friends.
Adult children will love this device too,
as it allows them to keep track of elderly parents
who might easily get lost.
The GPS tracker's innovative loop design means it can also be
worn on a lanyard or keyring making it easy to carry or it can
also hang from a pet collar so you'll never have to spend hours
searching the neighborhood for your family pet.
Some users even activate the continuous transmission feature
so they can track their pet's movements throughout the day.
Another practical use for the Family GPS Tracker is to hang it
off your belt when you're hiking or trekking in a remote
location. By transmitting your co-ordinates at regular intervals
to a friend, you'll ensure your own safety and can focus on
the great outdoors.
The Family GPS Tracker is easy to setup and use.
Simply insert a SIM card into the unit and power it on.
Next, register your cellphone with the unit by sending a
text message to the telephone number associated
with the SIM card.
Immediately, the GPS tracker replies with an SMS message
to confirm your cellphone has been linked and also provides
longitude, latitude, and speed data for the unit.
Subsequently all commands to the GPS tracker are facilitated
by SMS text messages from your cell phone and all tracking
data is sent via SMS text messages as well to your
mobile phone and or PC.
All this is possible as a result of the sophisticated GPS
embedded into the heart of the tracker which
continually reads its own location from low orbiting global
satellites and then utilizes the GSM/GPRS infrastructure
operated by major cellular network providers via the SIM card
to transmit its current location to you.
This GPS navigation device is a must-have for families where
safety is a main concern
Buy one to monitor the whereabouts of your own children or
pets or buy a dozen to offer your customers a security solution
that everyone can feel good about.
At a Glance...
- Transmits location data by SMS to your cellphone or PC.
- Utilizes GSM/GPRS network
- Built in GPS chip, no extra software is needed
- Useful for tracking people or objects
- Helps to find lost children, pets, car or boat
- Transmit your own location to others
- Also useful as a theft prevention device
- EU version for 900/1800 MHz frequency GSM networks
GPS-tracker med nøkkelring
NÃ¥ kan du alltid vite hvor : barn, hund, bagasje,
eldre, bil eller båten er
Leveres med oppladbart batteri,
som varer i mer enn 60 timer.
Eller du kan koble til 12Vdc i bilen/båten.
- Nøyaktighet : + - 5 m
- MÃ¥l : 7 x 4 x 1,7 cm
- Batteri levetid pr lading : > 60 t
- GSM frekvenser : 900 mHz & 1800 mHz (Duel-band)
- Kan kobles til PC via medfølgende USB kabel.
- SOS knapp.
- Anngir posisjon, dato, tid og fart, kontinuerlig
eller en gang, til Mobiltel. eller PC'en din.
Leveres med 12Vdc og 230Vac Adapter.
Best.nr. 4030 kr. 1798,-

2 st. kr. 2998,- / 1499,- pr. st.
Slik virker nøkkel-ring GPS-trackeren :
- Bestill et Gratis mobil-telefon abonement fra
oneCall, Ludo eller lignende.
- Put SIM-kortet inn i GPS-trackeren.
- Ring til GPS-trackeren, fra din mobil eller PC.
GPS-trackeren gir da tilbake en tekst-melding (SMS) med Dato,
Tid, hastighet og Lengde & Breddegradene, hvor den er.
- Om du trykke på en knapp på GPS-trackeren,
ringer den til programerte tel. nr. med en beskjed (SMS), Dato,
Tid, hastighet og Lengde & Breddegradene, hvor den er.
Tel. nr. kan legges in via SMS eller PC.
- Skriv inn Lengde & Breddegradene i Google-Map
eller Google-Earth, for å finne posisjonen på kartet.
Skjer automatisk via PC. (Alle dataene kommer fra sateliter).
- NÃ¥ vet du alltid hvor : Barn, Hund, Bagasje, Eldre,
Bil eller BÃ¥t er
(Kan kobles til 12Vdc i bilen, båten).
- Hvirker fra/til hvor som helst i verden.
- Kan settes i track hele tiden, eller til faste tider.
Manufacturer Specifications :
Main Function : Family GPS Tracker with Messaging
GSM Frequency Bands : 900MHz, 1800MHz
GPS Sensitivity : 159dB
GPS Positional Accuracy : within + - 5 m
Typical Active Battery Life : > 60 hours
Start Up Times :
- Hot Start : 45 seconds
- Warm Start : 30 seconds
- Power Source : Li-ion Rechargeable Battery (800mAh)
- Dimensions : 7 x 4 x 1,7 cm (L x W x D)
- Manufacturer Ref : BXRZG8UONLYF
Product Notes :
- Also provides GPS speed data for object velocity.
- Molded casing with integrated loop design
for lanyard or keyring use.
- Three color LEDs to indicate power, GSM, and GPS status.
- SOS button to send SMS help message to
paired cellphone number.
- Back of unit has indented area where ID sticker can be placed -
Package Contents :
- CVHS-G42 GPS Tracker
- USB Cable
- Power Adapter (100V-240V 50/60Hz)
- User Manual - English
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :
- How do I make sense of the longitude and latitude data
this unit provides ?
Both Google Maps and Google Earth can easily translate
the data into usable visual information.
- How long does it take to recharge the battery for this unit ?
First use requires 8-12 hours charging time,
while subsequent usage only needs 3-4 hours of recharging time.
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Trådløst GSM