Hoverpod Specefications

One man                                              Three man
Diameter 2.4m                                      3.2m
All up weight 200kg                               380kg
Payload 90Kg (at altitude) 250kg         300Kg (in ground effect) 750kg
Speed 120+ km/hr                                120+ km/hr
Max altitude 3,000M (without oxygen)   3,000m (without oxygen)
Endurance 6 hours                               6 hours

The advantages of the Hoverpod are :
- All-terrain operational scope.
- Minimal environmental impact.
- Low noise Signature.
- Vertical take off, landing and hovering capability.
- Operator friendly controls.
- Ease of manufacture.
- Crash resistant structure.
- Safety cell with no exposed rotating blades.
- High speed capability.
- Economical.
- It flies!

The first one man Hoverpod will be produced in small quantities from 2007,
however numbers available to the public will be very limited.
Arngren will license the technology to international manufacturers
for large scale production.

One seat flying craft (limited to 1.8m height)
Un-manned Aerial vehicle (free flying).

Three seat flying craft (limited to 1.8m height).

One seat free flying craft.

Three seat free flying craft