Avansert Robot som kan styres fra en
Fjernkontroll (TT315).
Armene, Hendene, Fingrene og bena kan
bevege seg.
Designet av en kjent NASA ingeniør.
Robosapien kan gå, har 9 sensorer, er
intelligent og reagerer på omgivelsene.
Kan Snakke, Plukke opp ting & Programeres.
Høyde ca. 36 cm. Med armene i været : 54
Vekt : 2 kg. Bruker
: 4 x D 1,5V Batterier (2 pr. ben)
Fjernkontrollen bruker 3 AAA batterier.
Best. nr. 4007   kr. 399,-
..Lager-Kodene til Varer som føres
..O..Varen er på Lager
..O..Varen kommer innen 3 uker
..O..Varen kommer senere enn 3 uker
Fjernstyrte Produkter
Fjernstyrte Produkter
i-Sobot : Verdens minste Robot (17 cm høy)
17 cm høy
i-Sobot verdens minste Humanoid Robot
17 cm høy med 19 sensorer og 17 servoer.
Leveres med farge-kamera og Wi-Fi (trådløs tilkobling til Internett).
i-Sobot kan styres begge veier via Internett.
Avansert Robot som kan styres fra en Fjernkontroll,
eller utføre selvstendige handlinger (humanoid).
Armene, Hendene, Fingrene og bena kan bevege seg,
ekstremt nøyaktig.
i-Sobot kan gå, har 17 servoer, 19 sensorer,
er intelligent og reagerer på omgivelsene.
Kan Synge, Snakke, Plukke opp ting & Programeres.
Avanserte Gyroer sørger for at i-Sobot holder balansen.
Kan si 200 ord og fraser & har 200 ferdige programmer,
som kan aktiveres med stemmegjenkjenning
(Tekniske data se under).
Høyde : 17 cm.  Med armene i været : 25 cm
Vekt : 1,5 kg
Leveres med : 3 x AA 1,5V Oppladbare-Batterier & Lader.
Fjernkontrollen bruker 3 AA batterier (følger ikke med).
i-Sobot (ferdig til bruk)
Best. nr. 8923   kr. 2999,-
i-SOBOT – Not just a kid’s robot!
Adults keen on high-end electronics gadgets and
“any-kind-of-kid-anywhere� will find this great feature-packed
toy robot well worth getting.
The World’s Smallest Robot Is Really Big Fun! It may look like the
cousin of a Transformer, but this i-SOBOT robot has got the moves !
What makes i-SOBOT so much fun is that its movement is so realistic !
You and your friends will find yourselves continuously amused with his
smooth robotics & clever antics.
i-SOBOT can dance to the beat, do push-ups, somersaults, imitations
of animals, hula, play air guitar, kick and punch with sound effects, and
respond to applause.
i-SOBOT robot has a repertoire of 200+ action patterns performed by
use of an LCD remote control, by programmable memory, or by the
sound of your voice.
i-SOBOT can also say 200+ words and phrases and play music.
Use your remote to get i-SOBOT to do a series of creative movements,
or go undercover and send your i-Sobot on a secret mission.
Whether you program a whole series of movements and watch the
performance, or watch him follow directions at the sound of your voice,
i-SOBOT will keep you watching with sheer fascination for what this
techno-genius, mobile robot will accomplish next!
Defined by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s
smallest humanoid robot...
The tiny, yet fully functional, robot stands only 17 cm tall.
Its size is actually a good thing - as this helps to make it affordable !
This level of performance, movement, and flexibility in other humanoid
robots is typically more than twice the cost of i-SOBOT !
Though it is small and available at a reasonable cost, the robot
functionality isn’t compromised !
The i-SOBOT is fully functional and features 17 custom designed
actuators and gyro-sensor
that allow it to keep balance and freely move
joints for impressive performance, vivid movement, and
incredible flexibility.
i-SOBOT : Attractive, High Tech, Easy-to-Use.
- Kid Robot or Adult Robot - It’s A Childhood Dream Come True
- Ready To Go Right Out Of The Box !
- Users can execute pre-programmed actions, user programmed
actions   by a remote, real-time remote control, random action function,
or voice   activated movements.
- Speaking Vocabulary Of Over 200 Words & Phrases (English)
- More Than 200+ Pre-Programmed Movements.
- Designed To Follow Up To 10 Voice Commands.
- 17 Custom Designed Servo Motors, 19 Custom ICs,
Built-In Gyro-Sensor, 2 LEDs, Voice Command Recognition.
- Wi-Fi Internet connection.
- Robot Dimensions (cm): 17 H x 9,5 W x 7 D
Package Contents : Pre-assembled Toy Robot; LCD Remote Control.
Robot Powered by Rechargeable Batteries Included-3 AAA NiMH
Rechargeable Batteries.
Remote Control Unit : 3 AA batteries required (Not Included) .
Each of the 17 servos has its own small cpu built-in.
(servo : An electromechanical device that uses feedback to provide
precise starts and stops for functions.
CPU : The part of a computer, a microprocessor chip,
that does most of the data processing).
The rest of the electronics, including a CPU totally dedicated to voice
recognition, are enclosed in the robot toy’s main body.
Takara/Tomy finds the i-SOBOT toy robot an extension of years of
progress in animated robotic toys, including the original Omnibot robot,
the TXR-002 4-channel radio controlled robot,
and the Walkie Bits robotic turtles.
According to Tomy, voice command & dancing robot functions are
unique attributes of i-SOBOT and are not available in other humanoids
Leveres med Video Farge-Kamera og trådløs Wi-Fi.
Reserver en nå. Begrenset anntall før Jul. er de eneste som kan levere i-Sobot i Europa.