The Flying Scotsman Cuckoo Clock.
Liftetime Guarantee.
This is the cuckoo clock that commemorates the 150th
anniversary of the Flying Scotsman train’s non-stop journey
between London and Edinburgh.
Capturing the atmosphere of a 19th century rail station,
this hand-painted resin clock’s face is a replica of the front of
the locomotive’s boiler, complete with hinges, bars,
and name plate.
Faithfully reproduced with masterfully crafted detail, an
authentic replica of the locomotive and its coal tender sits
below the clock-face.
A miniature Flying Scotsman emerges from a tunnel at the
clock’s base and makes a circular journey with its track.
A stationmaster appears on the hour bearing a signal lantern
to “announce” the train’s arrival accompanied by the
original train’s authentic sound and a blowing whistle.
Clock requires one AA battery and train requires
Use two D batteries
Mål : 55 (H) x 25 (B) x 22 (D) (1,35kg).
(Item 86657). 0630
kr. 2.398,-
The Disney Christmas Carousel Tree.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the tabletop Christmas tree that shows more than 50 beloved
Disney characters celebrating the holidays with movement, music, and lights.
Topped by a rotating sleigh with Mickey Mouse at the helm and
Pluto leading a team of reindeer,
the intricate decoration depicts 10 hand-painted illuminated scenes
unfolding along four tiers of snowy boughs.
Children and parents alike will delight as they discover their favorite
Disney characters cavorting throughout the tree,
from Daisy and Donald Duck exchanging gifts,
to Bambi sporting a wreath collar,
to Peter Pan surveying the crowd from the rooftops.
Meanwhile, a model train chugs around three levels of the tree
as favorite royal couples, including Beauty and the Beast and Snow White,
andher prince, revolve to the strains of classic instrumental carols.
The tree is capped with Cinderella’s castle,
secured on an elegant wood-finished based and
softly illuminated by 20 colorful LED's.
Runs on three AA batteries (not included).
Mål : 40 (H) cm x  25 cm Diam. (4,5kg).
(Item 87562) 0632
kr. 2.398,-
The Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Tree Village.
Lifetime Guarantee.
Thomas Kinkade's first-ever illuminated Christmas tree
is home to over 40 hand-painted villagers and
12 homes nestled among its snowy branches.
Based upon Thomas Kinkade's original art,
the meticulously handcrafted tree village has illuminated home windows,
and a tree topper that glow to highlight the exquisite detail in the figurines
(there's even a rendering of the artist himself, posing by the skating pond).
Part of a limited edition.
Runs on three AA batteries
For indoor use only.
Resin and medium-density fiberboard base with brass-colored title plate.
38 (H)  x 29 cm Diam. (2,7kg).
(Item 71786). 0633
kr. 1998,-
RC Produkter
RC Produkter
The Thomas Kinkade Night Before Christmas Snowglobe.
Lifetime Guarantee
This is the illuminated snowglobe inspired by the holiday artwork
of Thomas Kinkade that features the artist himself
narrating 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.
The snowglobe's base is a cast resin storyhouse that swings open to
reveal a meticulously detailed Victorian Christmas scene.
With a brightly decorated Christmas tree, a crackling fire,
and a Kinkade holiday painting hanging above the stocking-laden mantle,
father in his nightcap peers out the window "to see what was the matter".
(Contrary to the verse, there's even a mouse stirring beneath Santa's cookies.)
A flip of a switch casts a warm, gentle glow upon the hand painted scene,
and sends festive flakes dancing throughout the glass snowglobe of Santa,
and his reindeer as Thomas Kinkade himself reads the beloved holiday poem.
The three-way switch creates different combinations of snow, light, and narration.
Powered three AA batteries (not included). Hand-numbered with certificate of
Mål : 23 (H) x 17 (B) x 16 (D) cm. (3kg).
(Item 87026). 0634
kr. 1.798,-
The Thomas Kinkade Santa Snowglobe.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the musical Thomas Kinkade snowglobe inspired by a
classic Saturday Evening Post cover from Norman Rockwell.
Like Rockwell’s original, Kinkade’s Santa surveys a magical globe,
with his magnifying glass, putting the finishes touches on his “naughty or nice” list.
The snowbound village under his watch lights up with four golden LEDs,
as a blower mechanism swirls snow through the water-filled globe.
At the touch of a switch, the globe plays a medley of eight holiday favorites,
such as Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls.
The sculpted details, from Santa’s quill to his stack of gifts,
have been handcrafted in resin and hand-painted,
and the base is finished in mahogany.
The base is hand-numbered and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity.
Requires three AAA batteries.
Mål : 30 (H)  x 18 cm Diam. (1,8kg).
(Item 84639). 0365
kr. 1.499,-
The Thomas Kinkade Animated Christmas Tree.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the Thomas Kinkade Christmas tree with a detailed figure
of Santa and his reindeer that fly around the tree in unison
with three trains that move around the three levels of the tree.
nspired by Thomas Kinkade’s original art, the tree has over
30 hand-painted villagers and 12 homes nestled
among its snowy branches.
Lights from the tree, buildings’ windows, and the scene’s
lampposts glow to illuminate details in the figurines
(there’s even a rendering of the artist himself, posed by the skating pond).
It also plays a medley of holiday carols.
Requires three AAA batteries
Resin and medium-density fiberboard base with brass-colored
plate that bears the title “Thomas Kinkade Wonderland Express.”
Mål : 44 (H) x 25 cm Diam. (3,7kg).
(Item 75751) 0637
kr. 2.398,-
Årets Jule-presanger !
Årets Jule-presanger !
med innebygget farge-Printer og farge-monitor.
10-megapiksel kamera med 2,5” LCD skjerm.
Du kan velge det beste bildet, og skrive det ut.
Bruk et SD micro minnekort for å lagre enda flere bilder.
Du kan også ta opp videofilmer i 720p HD og se dem på skjermen.
10 megapiksel digitalt kamera, som kan skrive ut bilder på et øyeblikk.
•Printer fargebilder, 2 x 3".
•Innebygget høyttaler og mikrofon lar deg ta opp videofilmer i 720p HD.
•Skriver ut uten blekk ved bruk av ZINK Zero Ink teknologi fra ZINK Imaging.
•Farge : Hvit eller sort
•Bruker Zink Z2X330 og Z2X350 (2 x 3 tommer) instant film.
I boksen :
- Z2300 camera,
- 10 ark ZINK fotopapir,
- Oppladbart Lithium-Ion batteri,
- AC adapter/lader &
- USB kabel.
Farge : Sort 0580
kr. 2.398,-
Farge : Hvit 0582
kr. 2.398,-

50 st. ekstra Papir. 0583
kr. 398,-
Print directly from your mobile phone or tablet,
via Bluetooth or NFC technology
Skrivertype : Kompakt fotoskriver - direktetermisk - farge
Eksteriørfarge : Hvit
Produsentens garanti (md.)  : 24
Skriver :
Utskriftshastighet : Inntil 1 min/side - foto - 50.8 x 76.2 mm
Overføringsteknologi :Trådløs
Grensesnitt : Bluetooth, NFC
Skriverfunksjoner : ZINK Technology
Mediatype : Fotopapir
Maks. mediestørrelse : 50.8 x 76.2 mm
Nettverkstilknytning : Skriverserver
Medfølgende kabler : Mikro-USB ladekabel
Inkluderte mediaer : 10 ark fotopapir
Batteri : Litiumion (500 mAh).
Levetid (pr. lading) : 25 sider.
Størrelser og vekt :  7.4 cm x 2 cm x 2.28 cm
Vekt  : 186 g 0585
kr. 1.599,-
50 st. ekstra Papir. 0583
kr. 398,-
Automatic Cordless Tire Inflator.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the only cordless inflator that automatically shuts off
when it reaches a desired tire pressure.
Ideal for inflating low tires during daytime or nighttime roadside emergencies
as well as inflatables, bicycle tires, and sporting equipment
the desired pressure is set using its digital pressure gauge,
and operating similarly to a cordless drill, a squeeze and release
of the locking trigger begins inflation.
In just 90 seconds, it inflates a standard vehicle tire from 25 psi to 30 psi,
and a mountain bike tire from flat to 55 psi.
In addition to cordless operation using its lithium-ion battery
(Recharges in three hours using the included AC adapter),
it comes with an 3,5m long car adapter that powers the inflator directly.
It has an integrated LED that illuminates tire valves,
a flexible 12,5 cm long air hose tipped with a thread connector to ensure
a proper seal with valves, and two included recreation ball,
and inflatable toy adapters.
Includes travel bag.
Batteriet kan lades både fra sig.lighter i bilen
og 12V Adapter
(Item 81925) 0586
kr. 1.299,-
The Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Crystal Snowman.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This molded crystal snowman inspired by renowned holiday artist
Thomas Kinkade’s original artwork displays a twinkling winter scene
encircled by a miniature moving train.
A three-dimensional, handpainted winter tableau inside the snowman
depicts snowcapped Victorian homes with illuminated windows,
an “icy” pond, and holiday revelers in rich detail.
A five-car train circles the snow-covered base and
the snowman is trimmed with a top hat, silvery scarf and mittens,
and a 19th century-styled lantern.
A plaque on the base bears the title “Thomas Kinkade White Christmas.”
Includes a numbered certificate of authenticity.
Uses two AA batteries (not included).
Mål : 30 (H) x 19 cm Diam. (2,3kg.)
(Item 77198). 0639
kr. 1.499,-
The Train You I Can Yoda.
Interaktiv Yoda.
Lifetime Guarantee.
This is the lifelike Jedi master that trains young Padawans
to fully embrace The Force.
With all the realism of the iconic Star Wars character,
including 115 spoken phrases (“Ready to train, are you ?”),
a convincing latex body and fabric robe and,
an illuminated lightsaber, this interactive
44 cm -tall Yoda assumes three roles for interactive play.
As a warrior, Yoda demonstrates his lightsaber technique
with lifelike 360° spins, strikes, and parries,
granted by seven built-in micro-motors
Yoda trains students how to use The Force to push him backward
— a motion sensor detects your movement and,
hidden wheels roll him away
— and his left palm glows when he detects the dark side
of The Force.
When holding his cane, Yoda’s built-in voice recognition
technology responds to six key phrases,
to which he will answer yes or no questions to impart wisdom
— your interactions reveal to him whether your intentions
are good or evil.
Requires six C batteries.
Ages 6 and up.
Mål : 44 (H) x 33 (W) x 29 (D) cm. (3,2 kg).
(Item 88259) 0589
kr. 2.799,-
Årets Jule-presanger !
RC Produkter
Frakt : kr. 299,-