GSM phone with 2 x SIM-card, Wi-Fi and Google Map.
Voyager. High quality GSM phone (CVDQ-M50).
The Voyager is an unlocked mobile phone packed with
an abundant array of functions and features such as Wifi,
Google Maps, TV, eBuddy, MSN, Bluetooth,
two SIM card slots, and the capability to travel around the world
with its native quad band GSM connectivity.
Designed with a futuristic like metal look and interactive software,
The Voyager truly caters to what everyone needs and wants
in a modern cell phone.
The Voyager is a quad-band mobile phone
that supports the four global standard GSM frequencies
(850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz) so you can
be confident that it will work anywhere around the world.
Coming with two SIM card slots with dual-standby function,
you can be assured of never missing a business or
personal call with two active phone numbers stored
inside one individual mobile phone.
This model cellphone comes fully unlocked,
meaning you can you use it with the network of your choice.
The Voyager comes with a 2GB micro SD card ready for you
to store all your favorite music, photos and videos files.
With the ability to fully integrate with POP3 email,
you can set-up your POP3 email account such as
Gmail and quickly be able to send and receive mail
whilst connected to either a WiFi or WAP
(if supported by your service provider)
connection with the CVDQ-M50 (a.k.a. the Voyager).
This is a smart and intelligent phone that allows for effortless
user touch screen input to control its vast array of features.
And to top it all off, it also comes with an outstanding
accelerometer feature, allowing the change of radio
and TV channels with a wrist shake as well as music tracks.
With a slide motion sensor and plenty of color icons,
the front screen menu system is designed for simple
accessibility of the cell phones functions to make things
easy for the end user.
The motion sensor can be used to navigate within the main
window with a simple slide of the finger or use with a stylus.
The Voyager is a full-featured interactive cellphone
featuring the best of entertainment and communication
functions in one unlocked factory-direct cellular phone.
The CVDQ-M50 comes enabled with a multitude of
software PDA daily-use tools, making the Voyager ideal for
phone calls, entertainment, and productivity uses.
At a Glance :
- WiFi
- Unlocked
- PDA Tools
- Quad Band
- Accelerometer
- Front/Back Camera
- 2.8 Inch Touch Screen
- Multimedia Applications
- Dual SIM Phone with Dual Standby
- Google Maps / Opera Mini / eBuddy
Multy. High quality GSM phone (CVSCY-9400)
Quad band 3.0 inch LCD cell phone with dual SIM
Have you previously been frustrated with the
small screen size and frustrating keypads
available in today's cellphones ?
Having a crystal clear polarized 3.0 inch display
and built in stereo speakers, this is one
functional mobile phone that is a cut above the rest.
This smartly designed unit has a beautiful
QVGA screen that puts other phones to shame.
Add to that the easy to use extended function keypad,
and you have yourself mans new best friend !
With native quad-band GSM/GPRS to keep you
connected all around the world and dual SIM slots
(with dual standby) allowing you to have
two active phone numbers in the same phone,
its like having two full featured mobilephones
packed into one !
Did we say full featured ?
Let us tell you what you get with this mobile phone ;
FM radio receiver, MP3/MP4 player,
digital camera and video recorder, image viewer,
portable file storage, Ebook reader,
and four (addictive) video games.
However, phone functionality and ease of use
are where this baby shines.
The display on this phone is so sharp,
and the navigation menus simple to use via touch
or the keypad, that all the other great features
are just like an added bonus.
Order yours today and get ready to give up the
eyestrain you have been having with
your previous phone.
At a Glance :
- Touch Screen Cell Phone, unlocked.
- Compatible with all world GSM networks
(quad band).
- Dual SIM (have 2 different phone numbers
in one cellphone).
- Crystal clear polarized 3.0 inch LCD display.
- Easy to use dialing keypad
with dedicated function keys .
- Comes with two batteries and
Free 256MB Micro SD Card.
Manufacturer Specifications (CVDQ-M50).
Primary Function
2.8 inch touchscreen multimedia unlocked cellphone.
Color : Black with Metallic Grey.
GSM Compatibility (Quad Band) :
Frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz.
Screen : 2.8 Inch LCD Touch Screen.
SIM Card Slot : YES - 2.
SIM Card Modes :
Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 Open, Only SIM2 Open.
Memory :
- Onboard Chipset: 70MB
- Via Micro SD 2GB (Included) - supports up to 8GB
Messaging Types :
SMS Text Messaging, MMS Picture Messaging, Chat,
Voice Mail Server, Broadcast Messages.
Accelerometer Setting : Wallpaper Switch, Song Switch,
FM Channel, TV Channel, TV Rotate, Video Rotate,
Image Rotate, Call Silent, Motion Game.
Mobile Internet : Yes - WI-FI / WAP / CNET.
On Board Buttons/Slots :
Call, Drop Call, Power, Camera Shutter Button,
Power Input, Earphones input,
TV/Radio retractable Antenna (Stylus).
Menu Icons :
Text, Calendar, Photos, Camera, Player, Notes,
Mail, New SMS, Calculator, eBuddy Chat, Google Maps,
Setting, Call Log, Wallpaper, WLAN, Java, MMS, Chat,
Game, Motion Game, Search, Call Center, File, Profile,
World Time, Network, Unit, Currency Converter,
Voice Mail, FM Record, Broadcast Message,
Video Record, Answer, Voice Recorder, Slide, e-Books,
Bluetooth, TV, Contacts, Safari, Stopwatch, Radio,
Clock, Phone, Contacts, Opera, Music Player.
Phone Setup :
Time & Date, Schedule Power ON/OFF, language,
Pref. Input Method, Display, Greeting Text, Encoding,
Handwriting, UART Setup, LCD Backlight
Phone Book : Quick Search, Search Contact,
Add New Contact, Copy All, Delete, Caller Groups,
Extra Numbers, Caller picture, Caller ring tone.
Security Settings :
SIM 1 SIM 2 Setup, Phone Lock, Auto Keypad,
Change Password, Track, In call Firewall,
MSG Firewall, Remote Control.
Bluetooth :
- Features : Visibility, Change Device Name,
Authentication, Audio Path, Block List, Storage,
FTP Settings, BIP Settings - Type: MTK BT DEVICE.
- Options : Power, Inquiry Audio Device,
Remote Control, My Device, Active Devices, Settings.
Email : Send/Receive, Write Email, In box, Outbox,
Sent, Drafts, Clear Mailbox, Delete Marked Emails,
Email Accounts, Templates.
Wireless LAN :
Enable/Disable, WLAN Settings, Access Point Setting,
Search Networks.
Network :
Interactive, WAP, Data Account, Conn. Management .
Data Account : GSM Data, GPRS, Wireless LAN.
Image Viewer :
View, Slide Show, Edit, Print (Via Bridge or Bluetooth),
Browse Style, Use As, Send
(as Multimedia message, as email, via Bluetooth),
Rename, Delete, Delete All Files, Sort By, Storage.
Video Player: Play, Send
(as Multimedia message, as email, via Bluetooth),
Rename, Delete, Delete All Files, Sort By,
Streaming URL, Network Profiles, Storage.
On Board Applications :
eBuddy, MSN, Google Maps, Opera,
Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Safari.
Profiles :
General, Meeting, Outdoor, Indoor, Headset, Bluetooth.
Languages (8) : English, French, Spanish, Portuguese,
Italian, German, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic,
Persian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
Playing Time (music) approx : 6-8 hours
Playing Time (video) approx : 3-4 hours
Standby Time approx : 48-72 hours (depending on use)
Battery Charge Time approx : 3 hours.
Battery Type : Rechargeable Li-ion.
Dimensions : L:105 x W:56 x D:12 (mm)
File Formats :
- Music: MP3, MIDI, WAV
- Image: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG
- Video: 3GP, AVI, FLV,
- eBook: TXT
Digital Picture Camera :
- Photo Format : JPG
- Resolution : 640x480, 240x320, 160x120,
320x240, 80x60.
- Image Quality : High, Normal, Low
- Snapshot Options : Digital Zoom, Timer, Continuous-
Shot, Scene Modes, Color Effects, White Balance.
- EV : -2 to +2
- Flash : Yes
Digital Video Camera :
- Video Record Format: 3GP
- Video Quality: Normal, Low, High, Fine
- Video Settings: Digital Zoom, Night Mode,
 Effects, White Balance.
- EV : -2 to +2
- Record Time limit, File Size Limit, Record Audio
- Banding : 50Hz, 60Hz
TV :
- Type : Analog
- My Channel, Channel Search, Area Setting,
 Add to My Channel.
- Record Function : YES
- TV Record Format : 3GP
Video Settings :
- Video Quality Normal, Low, High, Fine
- File size Limit: No Limit, 95k, 195k, 295k
- File Record Limit: No Limit, 15sec, 30sec, 60sec,
- Record Audio : ON/OFF
- Preset TV Region Profiles (43) : China, Taiwan, Libya,
Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, UAE, Turkey, Indonesia,
Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos,
Western Europe, Afghanistan, USA, UK, Canada, Korea,
Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Philippines, Brazil, Japan,
Argentina, India, Bolivia, Paraguay, Australia, Ecuador,
Caracas, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary,
Saudi Arabia, Poland, Germany, Egypt, South Africa.
Audio Player :
- Formats: MP3, WAV
- Options: Play, Details, Add Ring tones
- Settings: Storage, Repeat, EQ, Bluetooth, Lyrics,
Video Player :
- Formats: 3GP, AVI (MPEG)
- Functions: Play, Rename, Delete,
Delete All File, Sort By, Storage.
Sound Recorder :
- Type: Analog
- Record Format: AMR, AWB, WAV
- Audio Playback: AMR, AWB, WAV
- Quality: Low, High
FM Radio :
- Frequency : 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
- Background Play : ON / OFF
- Loudspeaker : ON / OFF
- Channel List, Manual Input, Auto Search, Settings.
- Record Function : YES
- Record Audio Quality : Low, High.
Manufacturer Ref : PDQPXZ732TQU
Product Notes :
Dual camera switch, front and back
Simple and effective one touch menu navigation.
Loaded with multimedia features and comes with
2 GB micro SD card.
Fully unlocked phone ; Can be used with any carrier,
network and SIM card(s).
Pre-loaded PDA software tools ; Calendar, To-Do List,
Alarm, Calculator, Unit and Currency Converter.
Package Contents :
Model CVDQ-M50 Unlocked Dual SIM PDA Cell Phone.
- Earphones.
- Power Adapter (110-240V)
- USB Cable
- 2x Li-ion 1800mAh Rechargeable Battery
- User Manual - English
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :
Does the phone come with a prepaid
SIM card or contract ?
The phone does not come with a prepaid card.
The phone is contract-free, it is fully unlocked so it can
work with any GSM service provider you choose.
Does the M50 come with a digital TV tuner as well ?
No, this model only comes with an analog TV tuner.
Mobiltelefon med 2 SIM-kort holdere, Wi-Fi (Trådløs Internett),
4-Band, 2,8" skjerm, Kart, GPS, TV/Radio & Bluetooth.
Leveres med 2 st. Li-ion oppladbare-Batterier.
- 2 x SIM-kort holdere (Begge SIM-kotene kan brukes på likt).
- Wi-Fi. Kobler deg Tråsløst til Internett.
- Mobile Internet ( WAP ).
- Bluetooth for tilkobling av trådløs hodetelefon, etc.
- 2,8 " touch farge-skjerm.
- 2 st. Kamera (Digital-kamera med foto-ramme & Video-kamera)
- Google Kart og GPS mottaker.
- 4-Band ( GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900Mhz) for bruk i hele-verden (Ã…pen).
- TV som virker i hele verden utenom Norge (Fint på reise).
- FM-radio & stereo høyttalere
- Video/Audio opptaker/avspiller.
- PDA med Opera Software
- Levers med 2G micro SD-kort (Max. 8G)
- Akselerometer (Kan skifte funksjoner ved risting).
- 2 x Li-ion 1800mAh oppladbare-batterer.
Du kan innspisere produktet i 3 uker, og få pengene igjen.
Ved bruk ingen retur (Se flere data under).
Voyager (CVDQ-M50) 1798,-
Mobiltelefoner med 2 SIM-kort holdere.
Bruk ditt vanlige abonement og et
gratis abonement-A eller B, samtidig.
Mobiltelefon med 2 SIM-kort holdere, Bluetooth,
4-Band, 3,0" skjerm, Radio & Mobile Internet.
Leveres med 2 st. Li-ion oppladbare-Batterier. Ekstra lang Taletid.
- 2 x SIM-kort holdere (Begge SIM-kotene kan brukes på likt).
- Bluetooth for tilkobling av trådløs-hodetelefon, etc.
- 3,0" touch farge-skjerm & vanlig tastatur.
- 2 st. Kamera (Digital-kamera med foto-ramme & Video-kamera)
- 4-Band ( GSM 850, 900, 1800 & 1900Mhz) for bruk i hele-verden
- Mobil-Internet ( WAP ).
- FM-radio & polyphonic 64 chord stereo-høyttalere.
- Video/Audio opptaker/avspiller.
- Levers med 256M micro SD-kort (Max. 8G)
- 2 x Li-ion 3800mAh oppladbare-batterier.
Du kan innspisere produktet i 3 uker, og få pengene igjen.
Ved bruk ingen retur (Se flere data under).
Multy (CVSCY-9400) 998,-

(3 st. kr. 2397,- / 899,- pr. st.
.6 st. kr. 4794,- / 799,- pr. st.
Be om dagens pris ved
kjøp av fler enn 1 st.)
Meget høy
Meget høy Kvalitet.
Fantastisk 3,0" Display
Manufacturer Specifications :
Main Function :
Large screen cell phone with easy to use dialing-
keypad with extended function dedicated keys
(quad band, dual SIM cellphone).
Additional Functions :
Touchscreen for all phone and media functions,
digital camera with 3x digital zoom, FM radio,
rich language support.
GSM Compatibility :
Quad Band 850Mhz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900Mhz.
Screen :
3.0 inch TFT LCD QVGA, 240x320 with 260K colors.
Screen Type : Hi-Def Polarized Touchscreen.
Memory : 256MB TF Card/micro SD card included.
Bluetooth Profiles :
Handsfree, Headset, A2DP, AVRCP, HID, SPP,
DUN, OPP, FTP - All Supported.
GPRS Support : YES
SIM Card Slot : YES - 2
SIM Card Modes : Dual SIM open, SIM1 or SIM2 only.
Special Dedicated Function Buttons :
YES - SIM1, SIM2, FM, MP3.
Mobile internet :
Yes - WAP (if supported by your network carrier).
Video Games : 4 classic strategy games.
FM Radio : 87.5-108Mhz (worldwide).
Languages : English, French, Spanish, German,
Portuguese, Italian, Malaysian, Indonesian,
Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Thai.
Battery Type : Rechargeable Li-ion.
Battery Life :
- Talk Time : Up to 5 hours
- Music Play : Up to 10 hours
- Stand By : Up to 120 hours (5 days).
Dimensions : 117mm x 58mm x 16mm (L x W x H)
Manufacturer Ref : ACZZK5M1IFR3
Multimedia :
Digital Still Camera :
- Capture File Type: JPG
- Resolution: 640x480, 240x320, 320x240,
160x120, 80x60.
- Image Quality (compression): High, Normal, Low.
- Snapshot Options :
3x Digital Zoom, Timer, Continuous Shot,
Scene Modes.
- Additional Picture Settings :
Effects, White Balance, Add Frame
- EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
- Banding: 50Hz, 60Hz
Video Camera :
- Capture File Type : AVI
- Video Quality (compression) : High, Normal, Low
- Additional Video Settings :
3x Digital Zoom, Effects, White Balance,
Scene Modes.
- EV: 8 steps (+4 to -4)
- Banding : 50Hz, 60Hz
Viewing and Listening Formats :
- Video Formats: 3GP, MPEG4 (AVI)
- Picture Formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF
- Music and Sound Formats: MP3, WAV, AMR, AWB
Product Notes :
Unlocked phone; can be used with any carrier,
and SIM card(s).
Pre-loaded software tools include ;
Bluetooth Manager, Calendar, Alarm,
E-book reader, Calculator, World Clock,
User Profile Manager.
Contact Manager with multiple picture,
video and ringer association options.
Full Bluetooth support ;
contains profiles for all popular Bluetooth
mobile phone services.
UDisk and File Manager :
Advanced portable storage and organization .
Powerful built-in polyphonic 64 chord stereo speakers.
Hear your calls and media files clearly.
Magic Menu :
Unique icon navigation and transition options
to dress up the phones desktop(s).
Package Contents :
- Model CVSCY-9400 cellphone
- Wired stereo earphones with built-in MIC and clip
- 1 256MB micro SD/T-Flash card (pre-installed)
- 2 rechargeable Li-ion 3800mAh battery
- Phone-to-USB cable
- Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
- Stylus
- User manual - English.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions :
What is Dual Standby ?
Can this Dual SIM phone use two SIM cards
at the same time ?
Dual standby means both SIM cards are open
to make and receive calls
(however you cannot receive two calls simultaneously).
You also have the option of only turning on
1 of the SIM cards, which is great if you are a
frequent traveler and do not want to incur long
distance roaming charges on the other SIM card.
Does this cellphone use TF cards ?
Yes, the phone comes with one micro SD
(TF card) included.
How much would an extra battery cost ?
Nothing. This phone comes with two Li-ion batteries.
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Slik virker Duel SIM-kort mobilene :
Sett inn ditt vanlig SIM-kort i den ene holderen,
og et annet SIM-kort (Gratis fra
oneCall og Ludo),
i den andre holderen.
Eller du kan ha 2 gratis abonement i samtidig.
Et gratis SIM-kort i hver holder (
Gratis-A, Gratis-B )
NÃ¥ kan du ringe og mottat samtaler, etc.
fra 2 operatører samtidig.
Slik virker Duel SIM-kort mobilene :
Sett inn ditt vanlig SIM-kort i den ene holderen,
og et annet SIM-kort ( Gratis fra
oneCall og Ludo ),
i den andre holderen.
Eller du kan ha 2 gratis abonement i samtidig.
Et gratis SIM-kort i hver holder (
Gratis-A, Gratis-B )
NÃ¥ kan du ringe og mottat samtaler, etc.
fra 2 operatører samtidig.
Slik virker Duel SIM-kort mobilene :
Sett inn ditt vanlig SIM-kort i den ene holderen,
og et annet SIM-kort ( Gratis fra
oneCall og Ludo ),
i den andre holderen.
Eller du kan ha 2 gratis abonement i samtidig.
Et gratis SIM-kort i hver holder (
Gratis-A, Gratis-B )
NÃ¥ kan du ringe og mottat samtaler, etc.
fra 2 operatører samtidig.
Begge SIM-kortene er åpne
(Ikke bunnet til noen
Begge SIM-kortene er åpne
(Ikke bunnet til noen
Meget god Kvalitet
iriver B20 Mini-TV (T-DMB)
+ Easy access with intuitive Direct Click interface
+ Large & vibrant color LCD with dynamic GUI
 (2.4 inch 260,000 color QVGA TFT-LCD)
+ Plays up to 27 hours.
+ Supports music file such as MP3, WMA, ASF,
 OGG Q10 and
+ FM/DAB radio and DMB TV recording reservation
+ Photo album
+ Slide show
+ Movie player
+ DAB Radio player
+ DMB TV player
+ FLASH player
+ Game
+ Text viewer
+ EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
+ Alarm with real-time clock
+ USB 2.0, Ultra fast data transfer
+ Easy synchronization on B20,
 which is a digital jukebox program
+ Mini SD Card Slot for expandable memory (8G)
+ Plays For Sure.
+ Firmware Upgradable
+ supports album cover art and,
 song information display.
Ease your anxiety and stress toward new digital devices.
It is Direct Click, the intuitive UI.
Express yourself on the B20,
UCI that changes the look of your device.
Enhance the enjoyment of your digital entertainment device.
B20 features MP3, DAB radio, DMB-TV, photo viewer,
movie player, voice recorder, alarm, text viewer and games.
It is a radically new experience.
Product B20 (1G & 4G).
- General Continuous Playback Time : Approx. 27hours
- MP3, 128kbps,
- EQ Normal, Vol 20, LCD Off
- Connection Type : USB 2.0
- Equalizer10 EQ, User EQ and SRS WOW
- Dimensions : Approx. 8 x 4.9 x 1.6 cm
- Weight : Approx. 73,8g
- Operational Temperature : -5 ~ 40C
- Display : Main Set Display 2.4inch QVGA TFT
- Power Supply : AC Adaptor/DC 5V/2A (optional).
USB charger (Includend).
- Battery : Internal Li-poly rechargeable battery
- Audio Frequency Range : 20Hz ~ 20kHz
- Headphone Output Power : 15mW(R) +
 15mW(L)(16 Ohm) at Max. Volume
- S/N Ratio : 90dB : A weighted
- No. Channels : Stereo (L+R)
- DAB / DMB  Frequency Range Band 3 : 174.9MHz ~ 239.2MHz
L Band : 1452.960MHz ~ 1478.640MHz
- Antenna : Aerial Antenna
- FM Tuner Frequency Range : 87.5MHz ~ 108MHz
S/N Ratio: 60bB
- Earphone-Cord Antenna Audio
- Support Audio File Type :
MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3,WMA,ASF,OGG,
Bit Rate MP3, WMA : 8Kbps ~ 320Kbps / OGG : up to Q10
TagID3 V1 Tag, ID3 V2 2.0, ID3 V2 3.0, ID3 V2 4.0
- Multimedia support File Type : MPEG4 simple profile
QVGA (30fps), Macromedia Flash Player,
TXT, non-progressive JPEG
O/S Windows requirement : Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP - Vista.
Mini-TV (T-DMB) med DAB & FM-Radio, ink. opptaker/avspiller
T-DMB = Terrestial-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, med Mp3 & Mp4 spiller.
Denne Mini-TV mottakeren, tar imot super-kvalitets TV-bilder, mens du går,
løper, kjøret bil, både ute og inne (Gratis NRK1,2,3, TV2, TV3 & TV2 Nyhetene).
Signalet (175 Mhz) kan gå igjennom tykke vegger.
Mini-TV virker foreløpig i stor-Oslo & Akershus. Alle sendingene er i 16:9 format.
( DAB & FM-Radioene virker i hele Norge ).
CA. 1,8 million personer kan ta inn TV-signalet. Fra Nittedal til Tjøme og
fra Solihøgda til Tusenfryd. Mini-TV virker også i UK, Tyskland, Frankrike,
Sveits, Belgia, Holland, Italia og blir testet ut i Sverige og Danmark.
Du kan også ta opp TV-signalene og spille de av (
eller laste ned filmer fra Internett.
All Teksten er på norsk (Du kan velge språk).
- 2.4 inch TFT-LCD farge-skjerm ( 260.000 farger. QVGA  ).
- 1 Gbyte eller 8 Gbyte intern Flash SS-HDD (Flash-Drive).
(SS-HDD = Solid State-Hard Disk Drive).
Kan brukes som Mini bærbar-Harddisk, med Mp3 & Mp4 spiller.
- Mini SD-kort slott ( Passer til max. 8 G SD-brikker )
- Spille-tid : Opp til 27 timer pr. batteri-lading.
- Innebygget oppladbart Lithium-batteri, med USB lader (Følger med),
230Vac Adapter (Ekstra utstyr).
- Innebygget DAB og FM-Radio
- T-DMB TV mottaker (NRK1,2,3, TV2, TV3 & TV2 Nyhetene).
- Foto Album og Foto slide-show.
- Vekkeklokke med sann-tid og Dikterings-maskin.
- 9 Spill inkludert Sudoku ( Ligger i ROM ).
- Vekt : 74 g.........MÃ¥l : 9 x 5 x 1,6 cm.
- Innebygget Teleskop-antenne, Mikrofon og 2 Stereo-Høyttalere.
- Klikk-kontroll i front for å styre alle funksjonene.
Leveres med stereo-hodetelefon, USB kabel/lader & software
( Firmevare-oppgradering skjer automatisk fra Internett ).
SD-brikke, (4G eller 8G),
230Vac Adapter, Etui og
farget front-ramme er ekstra-utstyr.
iriver B20 (1 Gbyte SS-HDD version). 1298,-
(.2 st. kr. 1998,- / 999,- pr. st. )

SD-brikke (4G),
230Vac Adapter, Etui og
farget front-ramme ( Valgfri farge. Se under ). 3984    kr. 499,-

iriver B20 (8 Gbyte SS-HDD version). 3982   kr. 1699,-
iriver Mini-TV (DMB) med MP4 spiller
Se.NRK1,2,3, TV2, TV3 & TV2 Nyhetene Gratis
Mini-TV ( T-DMB ) med innebygget Mobil-telefon,
2 SIM-kort holdere og 4 GSM-bånd ( Virker i hele verden ).
- GSM : 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.
- DAB og FM-radio.
- Display : 2.6'' QVGA & 260K color touch screen.
- Kamera : 2.0 M px
- Tale-tid : ca. 180 minutter.
- Standby tid : ca.  240 timer
- Dual SIM Cards, Dual Standby
(Begge SIM-kortene kan brukes samtidig).
- Handwriting PDA & MP4 player.
- TV receiving and recording function
- Support FM function.
- PDA pennen virker som TV-antenne. 3988    kr. 2499,-
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Les mer om Mini-TV
Les mer om Mini-TV
Les mer om Mini-TV
Les mer om Mini-TV
Les mer om Mini-TV
Les mer om Mini-TV (NRK)
Les mer om Mini-TV  (TV2)
Les mer om Mini-TV (NRK)
Les mer om Mini-TV  (TV2)
Fra starten dekker fire sendere i Oslo-området
rundt 1,4 millioner mennesker.
Kartet viser teoretisk dekning.
I praksis har det vist seg at dekningen
er langt bedre.
Klikk på bildet
Forbruker Elektronikk
Forbruker Elektronikk
Snu antennen bakover som brakett,
for å sette B20 Mini-TV'en på skrå
Snu antennen bakover som brakett,
for å sette B20 Mini-TV'en på skrå