Rød & Grønn Laser-show ( 50 mW )
Gir et fantastisk rødt og grønt lys-show opp til 30 m unna,
i et rom på max. 100 m2
Hastigheten og mønstrene styres fra knapper
på baksiden av Laseren.
Kan drives fra en 6Vdc strømkilde,
eller den medfølgene 230Vac Adapteren.
Unngå direkte stråling mot øynene.
Bør kun brukes av voksne.  (Se tekniske data under).
Best.nr. 4018....kr. 799,-
Manufacturer Specifications
Primary Function :
- Laser Starry Effects Projector
- Laser Wavelength : Green = 532nm, Red = 660nm
- Control Type : Manual rotary dial
- Output Power : <5mw - 50mw Unit
- Primary Colors : Green and Red
- Material Colors : Brushed Aluminum
- Power : 230Vac wall power plug and cord.
- On board Slots and buttons :
AC/DC power output
ON/OFF power button
Speed adjustable dial control
- Dimensions : H:95 x W:80 x D:40 (mm)
- Manufacturer Ref : EA0C527C11E6
- Catalog Ref : Star Projector,
Neighborhood bar ornament
Important Notes :
- Avoid direct eye contact with the laser
- The CVGF-G25 is not a childrens toy and
should only be used by adults.
- You should only use the laser projector indoors and
it should be kept away from all liquids.
- It is advisable not to use the CVGF-G25 for more than
5 hours straight so as to prolong the life of the lasers.
- The adjustable speed rate control is located at the
back of the unit. With just a simple turn of the dial,
you can change the effects from still to moving
at ever increasing speeds.
Package Contents :
- Model CVGF-G25 laser projector
- Allen key x1
- Instruction Manual - English
LED Lyspære som skifter-farge (Lys-Show)
Leveres med Fjernkontroll og Dimmer.
Lyspæren passer i en vanlig lyspære-holder (E27).
Skift mellom 16 forskjellige farger, eller hvit-lys.
Levetid lyspæren : 50 år >
Lys-styrke : 4 w  (Ca. lys som en 40w glødepære).
Bruker 80% mindre strøm en glødepære.
(Se tekniske data under).
Best.nr. 4020....kr. 298,-
Punkt-stråler.( CVSCL-8101)
Best.nr. 4023....kr. 298,-
Manufacturer Specifications
Primary function :
RGB colored LED light bulb for producing colored or
white light from an incandescent lamp socket
(track and downlight type fixtures).
Brightness : 150 lumens
Typical Bulb Life : 50.000 Hours ( 50 år > )
Control Type : IR Remote Controller
Control Distance : 6M
Distribution Type : Spotlight, 30 DEG
Remote Control Functions :
- ON / OFF
- Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth
- Dimming
- Fixed color (16 to choose from)
Shell Material : PC Shell With Aluminum Housing
Base Type : E27 medium base
(standard incandescent socket).
Power : 4 Watts
Input Voltage : AC100-240V, input frequency : 50-60 Hz
Dimensions : 50mm x 58mm
Manufacturer Ref.: LCN1MS91C4HH
Other Features :
Long lamp life as compared to standard
incandescent bulbs.
Low wattage ; save energy, the environment,
and also save money on electric bill.
Fixed colors include four primaries ;
White, Red, Green, Blue, and 16 bright color-changing hues.
Package Contents :
Model CVSCL-8101 LED light bulb
Wireless remote control
Roll Up Synthesizer Piano with Responsive Keys
Now with new and improved touch keys you can feel key
response similar to a real keyboard !
For piano musicians on the go, brand new piano students,
or people just wanting the latest and greatest in musical tech,
Chinavasion presents this completely flexible
synthesizer piano which can roll into a
super compact design for storage, and for moving.
With 61 standard layout piano keys,
128 different synthesized tones to choose from,
100 different rhythms to play with,
and other features like MIDI and Speaker OUT
as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack,
this portable piano synthesizer is comparable to any
high end digital piano at a fraction the price,
and with so much more in gadget factor.
Manufacturer Specifications
- Main Function : Roll Up Synthesizer Piano,
with Responsive Keys
- 61 Key Piano
- 128 Different Synthesized Tones
- 100 Preset Rhythms
- 20 Demo Songs
- 15 Hole Port Midi OUT (Midi Cord not Included)
- 3.5mm Headphone Jack
- Volume Control
- External Speaker OUT
- Power Source : Power adapter or x 4 AA Batteries
- Dimensions : Rolled Out- 22x98 cm (LxW) Key Depth- 3 mm
- Manufacturer Ref : 05OYU0RXLEUL
Package Contents :
- Manual
- 230Vac Power Adapter
- Carry Case
Rull-opp Piano med 61 tangenter
- MÃ¥l : 22 x 98 cm
- 20 demo-sanger
- 128 toner
- 100 rytmer
- 61 tangenter piano
- 230Vac Adapter (Levers med)
- 4 x AA batterer.
Best.nr. 4070
kr. 1298,-