Kikkert med Digital-Kamera
og TFT LCD (1,5") farge-skjerm. 1,3 Mpixel
Som produktet ved siden av,
men med :
8 Mbyte & 1,3 Mpixel. 9810   

Kikkert med Digital-Kamera
Samme som over men uten,
Farge-Skjerm og med 300 kpixel kamera. 9812
kr. 399,-
Digital Camera :
- Image sensor: 3.0 Mega pixels, CMOS sensor &
4.1 Mega pixels Interpolated
- Image Resolution (Still Image) : High - 2048 x 1536 (3MB),
Medium -1600 x 1200 (2MB), Low - 640 x 480 (300KB)
- Image capacity : High - 36 P, Medium - 46 P, Low - 250 P
(Upon 16 MB Flash Memories)
- Video Resolution : 320 x 240, 12 fps AVI format
- Video measure : 3 minutes
- Lens: 300mm (8X)v
- Field of View : 7.3° ~ 9.1°
- Lens : 4 X Digital Zoom
- Image Type : JPG format
- Memory : Built-in 16MB Flash Memory &
8 GB SD RAM SD/MMC card socket expandable
- Exposure : Auto / Manual Mode
- White Balance : Auto
- LCD display : 1.5� TFT LCD
- LCD open angle : 0° ~ 140°
- TV-out : PAL/NTSC
Binocular :
- Size : 8 - 32 x 25 mm
- Field of View : 4.6°Field of view 73.8m at 914m
- Exit pupil : 2.5 mm
- Close Focusing : 3 m (9.84ft)
- Eye Relief : 11 mm
- Coatings : Multi coating on the first surface.
Single layer for other surface, fully coated.
- Binocular Size : 173.5 x 90.1 x 57 mm (LCD Close).
.Se under for  Tekniske-Data
Husk !
Du har 20 dager Prøvetid
på produktet,
og Pengene-igjen,
om du angrer deg.
Ny enda kraftigere modell
..Lager-Kodene til Varer som føres
..av  ARNGREN :

..O..Varen er på Lager
..O..Varen kommer innen 3 uker
..O..Varen kommer senere enn 3 uker
Kikkert forstørelse : 8 - 32 ganger
Digital-kamera       : 4,1 Mpixel oppløsning
Digital photography is great, but nothing beats holding
an actual photo in your mitts
So wouldn’t it be spiffing if eggheads created a camera
capable of spewing out prints on the fly ?
They have, and it’s called the Polaroid Two -
Digital Instant Camera.
Combining the instant fun of an old school
Polaroid camera with the groundbreaking technology
of the smash hit PoGo Printer, this up to 7 mega pixel
snapper does exactly what it says on the tin ;
takes a picture then ejects a print on a 5 x 7,5 cm
slice of sticky-back photo paper. Cool, eh !
... 40 seconds later - shazzam !
The whole process takes about forty seconds and,
unlike the Polaroid cameras of yesteryear,
you can dispense with duds by checking your efforts via
the 3 � LCD screen.
You can also crop pics before printing, add borders,
remove red-eye and print dates
It's an impressive digital camera.
Throw in an electronic timer, movie mode with sound,
rechargeable battery (15 prints per full charge),
and 4x digital zoom and you’re looking at a camera
that’s guaranteed to elicit oohs
and aahs every time you pull it out.
And let’s be honest, taking Polaroids has always been
about other people’s reactions, good or otherwise:
“If you don’t rip that up right now…�
1) Macro/Landscape mode
2) USB port
3) DC power port Just like a normal digital camera,
  this best-of-both-worlds gizmo records images
  to a memory card so you can USB snaps
  to your computer if you don’t fancy printing them.
Talking of printing, the PoGo’s integrated printer uses
heat-activated Zink paper (additional packs available) ;
smudge-proof, water-resistant, fade-resistant
and tear-proof, the only thing this miraculous stuff can’t
do is make you look attractive after a ten pint session.
The magic Zink (Zero Ink) paper !
Seeing as instant-gratification is de rigueur these days,
there’s never been a better time to buy an
instant camera and indulge in a bit of sticky piccy fun.
Crack the Polaroid Two out at parties, meetings,
festivals, holidays, debauched nights out – you name it.
In terms of ‘wow, cool !’ gadgets, this smart little
camera is right up there.
The only thing it won’t do is get you beaten to a pulp,
as you’ll no longer have to perform that daft,
potentially suggestive shake to dry your prints. Smile !
* 7 mega pixel images via interpolation
(camera automatically increases the 5 mega pixel
sensor image to produce a 7 mega pixel quality image,
3072 x 2304 pixel resolution) .
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More Info
Features :
•Instant images printed
•View and crop image on camera before printed
•No ink cartridges required
•Prints 5 x 7,5 cm photos with peel-off sticky back
•SD card compatible
•Download photos on your computer
•PC and Mac compatible
•Fully charged battery produces 15 prints
•Automatic picture lighting enhancement
•In-camera red-eye removal
•Electronic self timer
•PictBridge compatible
•Movie mode with sound
•Shooting Modes : Auto, Manual, Landscape,
Fireworks, Soft flowing water, Splashing water,
Portrait Man, Portrait Lady
Specifications :
•5.0 mega pixel digital camera sensor with
interpolation up to 7 mega pixels .
•Up to 3072 x 2304 resolution
•Integrated instant printer
•3.0 � bright colour LCD screen
•Fixed and macro focus (for close up images)
•4 x digital zoom
•300 dpi printer
•7.4V, 580mAh Li Polymer battery
Contents :
•1x Polaroid Instant Digital Camera
•1x Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
•1x AC adapter and charger
•1x USB Cable
•10 x sheets of Zink photo paper
•1x User manual
•1x 1 year manufactures warranty card
•1x Software and driver CD
•1x Hand Strap
•1x Camera pouch
Dimensions :
•7.6cm (H) x 3.7cm (D) x 11.8cm (H)
You've probably got oodles of photos trapped inside
your mobile phone and digital camera
But how do you print them off when you're
out and about ?
No, you don't cart around a computer,
a tech-nerd and a bulky printer.
You don't even dust off your raincoat and
head to the nearest photo lab.
You use the revolutionary PoGo Instant Photo Printer.
Print directly from your mobile via Bluetooth.
Brimming with breakthrough technology, this ultra-sleek
inkless portable printer is brought to you by Polaroid,
legendary purveyors of instant piccies, and it's just
as idiot-proof as the photo-spewing cameras you
played with back in the day.
All you do is send your pics to the PoGo wirelessly
via Bluetooth (mobile phone) or with a USB lead
(PictBridge-friendly camera) and watch in awe as this
smart gizmo churns out a quality image on a 5 x 7,5 cm
slice of sticky-back photo paper in under 40 seconds
In a word, wow !  You can then peel off the backing
and stick your pics wherever you fancy.
Print directly from your camera via USB.
The magic Zink (Zero Ink) paper !
Unlike old-style instant photos you won't have to shake
your pics dry because the PoGo uses miraculous
heat-activated Zink paper, no ink cartridges required.
It's like magic minus the abracadabras,
and arched eyebrows.
What's more the prints are smudge-proof,
water-resistant, fade-resistant and tear-proof.
Print off that hilarious photo of your over-refreshed
colleague asleep on the photocopier with his pants
pulled down and stick it on the boss's door
and it'll be there for ages.
Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
or directly via the mains, the PoGo holds 10 sheets
of Zink paper at a time
more than enough for a night of sticky piccy fun.
And with additional paper packs available,
you can re-load, juice-up and indulge in instant print-offs
whenever you want: parties, business trips, festivals,
holidays, debauched nights out - you name it.
Powern button Power / Battery LED indicator Status
LED indicator USB connector Battery Compartment.
Fits in your pocket !
We never thought we'd say this about a printer
but the PoGo is one of the most entertaining,
not to mention practical, peripherals you'll ever
shove in your pocket.
Think of it as a hi-tech facilitator of instant photography
for the digital age.
Failing that, think of it as a nifty little doodah that
allows you to stick compromising photos on a
sozzled pal's forehead in a flash.
Say cheese !
Awarded 4 Gold Stars by T3 !
Please Note
•Holds 10 sheets of Zink paper
•The unused Zink paper comes with a expiration date,
however the performance does not decline
rapidly after this date.
We have heard from the manufacture these will be
good to use for over 2 years from 'expiry'.
Dimensions :
•PoGo approximately 7.2cm(W) x 12cm(D) x 2.4cm(H)
•Zink photo paper approximately 7.6cm(W) x 5cm(H)
Contents :
•1 x PoGo Portable Printer
•10 x sheets of Zink paper
•1 x Li Polymer rechargeable battery 7.4V, 450mAh
•1 x Mains Charger
•1 x User Manual
Battery Requirements :
•7.2V rechargable battery included
•Battery is replaceable
•Full charge prints approximately 15 images
•9V AC Adapter included
Connectivity :
•Bluetooth (class 2) OPP
•USB 2.0 (full speed= 12 MBPS)
•USB A connector (USB cable not included)
Print Speed :
•Approximately 40 seconds per image
(10 seconds to transmit, 30 seconds to print)
About Zink Photo Paper :
•Full bleed, borderless image
•Inkless printing embeds colour into the paper
•Prints dry-to-touch, water-resistant, tear-proof and
•Peel off, sticky-backed
•Automatic image quality optimisation
•Each sheet measures 5 x 7,5 cm
Polaroid digital-Kamera
med innebygget digital farge-Printer.
- 5.0 mega pixel digital kamera sensor,
med 7 mega-pixel interpolalation.
- Oppløsning : 3072 x 2304.
- 3,0 " lyssterk farge LCD skjerm.
- Innebygget øyeblikkelig farge-bilde Printer.
- 300 dpi Printer.
- 4 x digital-Zoom.
- SD-kort holder (32 GB). 10 timer Video.
- USB inngang
Printeren kan også brukes til å ta kopier fra
andre kameraer, Mobiltelefoner eller SD-kort.
Ingen farge-patron eller lignende er nødvendig
for at printeren skal virke, kun zink foto-papir.
Digital-bildene kan redigeres, lagres, etc.,
før de eventuelt blir printet ut.
Leveres ink. 10 st. zink fotor-papir, USB-kabel,
oppladbart-batteri, 230Vac Adapter,
software-CD, bære-stropp og skinn-etui.
Tekniske data ; Se under.
Best. nr. 9860    kr. 2998,-
Tilbud ! 1999,-

Ekstra sett med 70 st. zink foto-papir. 398,-
(Kr. 5,70 pr. farge-print).
140 st. zink foto-papir (2 x 70 print) 698,-
(Kr. 4, 98 pr. farge-print).
Polaroid digital farge-Printer
- Plass til 10 st. zink-papir (5 x 7,5 cm).
- Kan kobles til mobiltelefon, digital-kamera,
eller PC via
USB-kabel eller Bluetooth
- SÃ¥ liten at den passer i din innerlomme.
- Drives av et oppladbart-batteri,
eller medfølgene 230vac Adapter.
Ingen farge-patron eller lignende er nødvendig
for at printeren skal virke, kun zink foto-papir.
Leveres ink. 10 st. zink foto-papir.
Tekniske date : Se under.
Best. nr. 9862    kr. 598,-

Ekstra sett med 70 st. zink foto-papir. 9861 .... kr. 398,-
(Kr. 5,70 pr. farge-print).
140 st. zink foto-papir (2 x 70 print) 698,-
(Kr. 4,98 pr. farge-print)
Kodak digital Dykker-Kamera
som er Vanntett ned til 3 m.
- 5 mega pixle CMOS oppløsning
- 128 MB innvendig hukommelse.
- SD/SDHC kort-holder (32GB)
- 10 timer Video (32GB)
- 4 x digital-Zoom
- 2 " LCD farge-skjerm.
- 1080 pixel HD oppløsning.
- HDMI utgang
- USB inngang for tilkobling til PC eller Printer.
- 16:9 Widescreen
Leveres med oppladbart-batteri, USB, HDMI,
AV, Software-CD og 230Vac Adapter.
Kan kobles til Polaroid digital farge-printeren.
Tekniske data : Se under. 9864 1998,-
Tilbud ! 1799,-
If the gods of photography had wanted us to capture
high def video on the move and underwater,
they’d have created a pocket-size rechargeable
HD video camera with an appetite for adventure.
Well, guess what ? They have.
Already the darling of the tech press, the ultra rugged
Kodak Playsport has been produced with
action-loving movie moguls in mind.
Waterproof up to 3 metres, this feature-packed cam
is ideal for sub-aquatic shenanigans,
capturing your exploits beneath and
above the waves in full 1080p HD.
You can even take 16:9 widescreen stills at 5MP,
and get up close and personal via a 4 x digital zoom.
USB connectivity But it’s not all about shooting fish,
lycra and plugholes.
The idiot-proof Playsport is ideal in virtually
any outdoor scenario.
Its ergonomically designed tactile rubber casing
will withstand bumps, scrapes and even the
occasional full-on fumble.
Take it skiing, climbing, to festivals or
even *gasp* the pub.
Don’t worry about blurry footage because
clever image stabilization ensures movies remain
crystal clear, no matter what adrenaline-shredding
antics you get up to.
Built-in software and USB connectivity
make uploading, editing and sharing simple.
YouTubing and Facebooking those Speedos-
round-the-ankles movies has never been easier.
You can also review your handiwork on the fly
via the Playsport’s high-contrast 2 � LCD screen.
It’ll even playback in slow-mo.
(L-R) Mini USB, HDMI, AC in, Power button
Records to SD cards up to 32GB !
Speaking of screens, the Playsport boasts an
ingenious function that reduces glare
in bright sunshine.
No squinting required.
Did we also mention it comes with an HDMI cable
for high def TV playback ?
Well it does, so there.
In all this excitement we almost forgot to tell you that
vids are recorded to removable SD or SDHC cards
(up to 32GB holding 10 hours of footage
There is also 128MB of internal memory
to get you started.
Hand held  Packaging  Available in blue and black.
We could go on extolling the virtues of this
amazing little cam but we’d be here all day.
Suffice to say, if life’s an adventure the Playsport is
the perfect way to capture and share
its greatest moments. And…action !
* At lower quality 720p
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Contents :
•KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera
Battery KLIC-7004.
•HDMI and AV cables
•Mains adapter
•Wrist strap
•User Guide
for Kodak (PC only) .
Technical Specification :
•Sensor type : 1 / 2.5–type 5 MP CMOS
•Lens : 5.54 mm, 35 mm equivalent 48 mm @
1080p 36 mm @ 720p 36 mm @ WVGA 36 mm
still capture.
•Zoom: 4 X digital
•Image stabilization : electronic
•Display size : 5.1 cm (2.0 in.)
•Storage : 128 MB internal memory [1] ,
SD/SDHC card expansion slot .
•Focus modes : normal
•Focus range : (39.4 in.) 100 cm –infinity
•White balance : auto
•File formats : video : H.264 (MOV),
AAC LC still : JPEG.
•Capture mode : 1080p—1920 x 1080,
30 fps 720p / 60 fps—1280 x 720,
60 fps 720p—1280 x 720, 30 fps WVGA—
848 x 480, 30 fps still—5.3 MP,
16:9 widescreen, interpolated .
•Microphone : 1
•Speaker : yes
•I/O interface : USB 2.0 (high speed),
AV out, HDMI .
•Tripod mount : 1/4 in. standard
•Power : KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital-
Camera Battery KLIC-7004, AC Adapter .
•Please Note : The front of the Playsport is
White on both colourways.
•N.B. Battery life approx. 2,5 hours.
Once drained the re-charge time is app. 2 hours.
The Playsport will power down after 2 minutes
on standby mode.
Dimensions :
•5.8cm × 11.25cm × 1.95 cm
•Weight : 128 g without battery
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Forbruker Elektronikk