Program-a-bot : motor driven, high tech, robotic movement that you programme
- 36 programmable actions in one run
- Room guard alert
- Sound sensor
- Intelligent sensor detects obstacles so it wont run into anything!
- Communicates via light beam with small interactive pal robot (included)
- Flashing eyes
- Moving arms and legs
Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

Interactive Pal triggers programme to run in Program-a-bot via light beam
Wind-up movement mechanism
Includes 2 x LR44 Button cell batteries

Program-a-bot 32 x 20 x 11cm
Interactive Pal 10 x 5 x 4cm
We love robots here at Arngren. Short ones like R2-D2, skinny ones like C-3PO, tubby ones like Robbie,
depressed ones like Marvin, sexy ones like Pris (Daryl Hannah) in Blade Runner,
bad ones like Yul Brynner's cowboy in Westworld, useful ones like our drinks machine
(ok, so it's not strictly a robot, but without it the wheels would fall off the smooth-running machine that is Arngren),
even those annoying ones from "The Black Hole" (er, no, ok, maybe not those).

Now we have a great new robot to add to the list, the Program-a-Bot. No, it's not an interactive J-Lo-droid. In fact,
looking like a cross between a Star Wars Clone Trooper and the magnificently menacing Gort from
"The Day The Earth Stood Still" the Program-a-Bot is a highly programmable,
responsive robot that will dance, walk, kick, spin,
make suitably robotic beep-beep noises, obliterate you with his laser* vision, grip objects with his springy,
opposable thumb and even moonwalk.

*sadly, we are advised by our resident safety expert, this may actually have to be downgraded to flashing red lights
unless we can zap him first... "Program-a-Bot? Kill party-pooper! Kill!"

Using the handy control panel on his back you can teach the Program-a-Bot a series of up to 36 moves
that it will run through when it hears a loud noise.
Its sound-responsive feature even means you can clap your hands to his left or right and he'll turn towards the sound.
It can spot large obstacles and take evasive action to avoid them.
It can act as a sentry, detecting noise or movement and alerting you with sounds and movement.

And it gets better: the Program-a-Bot comes with a wind-up, walking mini-Bot that will trigger the big-Bot
(if you'll pardon the phrase) with its light-up eyes when you press his head.

And even better : when Program-a-Bot meets another of his own kind they will communicate and react to each other
as they plot Mankind's downfall.
We suggest you remember the phrase "Klaatu barada nichto" for such emergencies.
It may not save you, but it worked on Gort, so it may be worth a try if you're cornered
by a platoon of crazed Program-a-Bots.
Motor-Dreven høyteknologisk Robot-bevegelser som kan programeres :
- 36 programerbare steg pr sekvens.
- Bevegelses-alarm
- Lyd-sensor
- Inteligente sensorer som hindrer den fra å komme borti ting
- Komuniserer via lys-stråler fra den lille interaktive ' venne ' Roboten
(Fjernkontroll), som følger med (se lille bilde helt til venstre).
- Blinkende øyne
- Beveger både Armene og Bena (kan plukke opp ting og sparke en ball).
MÃ¥l : Robot : 32 x 20 x 11 cm. Lille Fjernkontroll Robot : 10 x 5 x 4 cm
Drives fra 4 x AA batterier (følger ikke med). 8001
kr. 498,-
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