R2-D2 Star Wars projectro :
A long time ago in a laboratory far, far away,
some brilliant minds came up with an idea.
If R2D2 is so cool, why not make a real one ?
Probably the most loved droid on ( and indeed off )
the planet has, so to speak, come alive.
This blisteringly brilliant bot is not just a full-size RC R2D2,
it's also the centre of your home multimedia universe.
Built into his body you'll find a state of the art DVD player,
and projector
that will beam your movies, video games,
digital photos up to 80 inches across onto
a wall of your choice.
He also has an inbuilt FM radio and an iPod docking station.
Of course he also makes all the joyfully familiar beeps,
blips and whistles that R2D2 is so famous for,
and the remote control is a thing of joy -
it's a deeply cool model of the Millennium Falcon,
complete with myriad buttons for controlling everything,
and some very funky lights.
Features :
A companion and a fully equipped home entertainment
system in one.
Your best loved R2D2 sound effects.
LCoS powered projection system.
The projector projects a viewing area of a whopping
80 inches on your wall or ceiling.
An integrated DVD and CD player - supporting DVD-video,
Divx, MP4, JPEG.
An iPod docking station
(suitable for Ipod; Nanos, Minis, Photos, and Videos).
A built-in 20 watt speaker.
FM wireless audio.
A memory card slot.
A USB connector.
A full-motion, light-up, wireless Millennium Falcon remote.
Three safety sensors so R2D2 doesn't wobble off
a table or anything.
Input connections for video/audio, PC/Mac,
Wii, Xbox, Playstation.
Digital audio out for iPods.
Requires a mains adaptor (included),
a battery pack (included) and
6 x AA Batteries for the remote control (included).
Suitable for ages 12 years +.
Weight : 10kg.
Size : Projector : 54 H x 34 B x 43 D cm
Millennium Falcon RC : 19 L x14 B x 8 D cm.
3 forskjellige R2-D2 Star Wars Roboter :
01. Interaktive ( Reagerer på omgivelsene )
02. TrÃ¥dløst Wi-Fi  Web-Kamera ( TrÃ¥dløs
Internett )
03. TV/DVD-Projektor ( 80" skjerm )
R2-D2 Star Wars Robot : Interkativ  (01.)
Reagerer på omgivelsene
. ..Plakat følger med.
Høyde : 40 cm
Material : PVC
- Reagerer på ytre omgivelser.
- Kan overvåke rommet ditt.
- Følge etter deg, gjenkjenne ord.
- Utføre avanserte opprasjoner.
- Spille diverse Star Wars Spill og
- Reagerer på mer enn 40 komandoer.
- Sonar navigasjonssystem.
- En Robot-arm er gjemt inne kroppen.
Bruker 4 x AA og 4 x D batterer.
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Best.nr. 8078
kr. 2798,-..
Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Astromech Droid Description:
Possess your very own rolling, beeping, game-playing droid!
In distinctive Star Wars 30th Anniversary packaging.
There's never been a more technologically advanced toy than this!
Standing nearly 40 cm tall, R2-D2 is your plastic pal that's fun
to be with and a handy aid to navigating your way around the universe.
This easy-to-control, hyper-functional droid walks, talks,
and responds to your command.
Resourceful and adventurous, R2 is ready, willing, and able to serve.
He : navigates, patrols, and finds you on his own ;
guards and protects your room with his sentry room alarm ;
plays multiple interactive games; remembers and
reacts to key Star Wars characters ; and more
There's never been a more technologically advanced toy than this one.
He's incredible !
Requires 4x "AA" and 4x "D" alkaline batteries, not included.
Ages 8 and up.
Tap R2-D2 too hard on the head and he'll make an annoyed whistle,
and back away.
Asked if he remembers Darth Vader, he'll cower in fear.
This is one of the most decked-out toys ever with a soda holder,
removable sensor scope, illuminating light beam, utility arm,
sound-processing microphones,
sonar navigational system,
adaptable droid mood-status indicator, and sleek rotating dome.
He responds to over 40 commands and
includes a bonus poster with instructions.
You gotta get one of these !
Limited Edition !
R2-D2 Star Wars Robot : Trådløst Wi-Fi Web-kamera
Høyde : 22 cm
R2-D2 har innebygget Trådløst Web-Kamera.
Trådløs VOIP/USB telefon og Fjernkontroll,
som er formet som en Lightsaber.
R2-D2 og farge-kameraet , kan styres
trådløst fra din PC hvor som helst fra i verden.
Kamerat kan ta opp bilder, Lyd & Video,
og overvåke rommene dine.
Egenskaper : .................................RC Produkter
- Trådløs Internett ( Wi-Fi ).
- Skype Software
- RD-D2 kan bevege seg i alle retninger.
- Trådløst Web-kamera som kan settes i
62 forskjellige posisjoner, med bevegelses-detektor,
og opptaksfunksjon.
- Trådløs Light-saber VOIP/USB tel. & Fjernkontroll.
- R2-D2 sier 11 forsskjellige fraser.
- R2-D2 har 14 dager innebygget standby-battery
(ink. lader).
MÃ¥l : 22 (H) x 14 (B) x 14 (D) cm
Material : PVC
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Best.nr. 8073
kr. 2998,-
R2D2 projektor
Tekniske spesifikasjoner :
Model number : 770000A
Projection system : Texas Instruments DLP Technology
Panel : 0,55� x 1, Type X
Data Processor : 1xLVDS DLP with DDP2230
Resolution (native) : XGA 1024x768 native
Brightness (Typical) : Standard mode 1800 ANSI Lumens
Eco mode 1500 ANSI Lumens
Contrast Ratio Typical 1800 :1
Minimum 1500 :1
Brightness Uniformity (Typical) 80%
Color Reproduction : 16.77 million (RGB 8 bit each)
Color Wheel : RYGWB
Dimensions (WxDxH) : 340(W)x540(H)x430(D) mm
Weight (including Battery) : 10 kg
Projection Lens Manual zoom and focus
Digital zoom : Yes
Zoom ratio : 1,15:1
Throw rate (D/W) : 1,9~2,2
Optical offset : 128%
Aspect ratio : 4:3 native, 16:9
Projection screen size : 0,86 ~ 6,6 m
Projection distance : 1,5 ~ 10 m
Projection method : Front / rear / vertical flip
Terminal Input :Mini Din (S-video), Video input (RCA), DVI-I
Terminal Output : Headphone stereo jack,
Optical audio out x 1,
Video output (RCA)
Video signal : S-video signal, Composite signal
Built in DVD 525i(480i), 525p(480p)
DVD unit :
Playback Compatibility :DVD video, DVD-R/RW,
Memory slot :
USB connector : USB flash memory
Memory card : SD memory card,
MMC memory stick,
Smart media :
Dock for iPod : iPod nano 1st generation,
iPod nano 2nd generation
(aluminium), iPod 5th generation (video)
R2-D2 remote control
Function : 11 function
System Infrared
Speaker System 2-way 4-speaker ( Virtual surround ).
Output power 10W (Max) x 2
FM wireless audio : 5 channels
Power supply :
AC power : 100V ~ 240V
Battery pack : 7.2V NiMH battery (2200 mAh)
Power consumption (operation/standby) : 230W/6W
Operating temperature : 41 to 95°F (5 to 35°C)
Accessories : Millennium Falcon remote control,
Millennium Falcon stand,
power cord, AA batteries (x6), lens cover, iPod adapter,
instruction manual, quick reference, warranty,
user registration card.
AVI : Maximum resolution 720 x 480, 720 x 576 ;
MPEG1/2 : 720 x 480, 720 x 576.
Image reproduction maximum bitrate 2500 kbps.
R2D2 Webcam
R2D2 Skype Web Cam er en radiostyrt robot med
innebygget webkamera.
Du styrer R2D2 med et lasersverd med
innebygget Skype telefon.
Du kan styre din R2D2 robot fra
alle verdens hjørner via internett.
På din data skjerm kan du se hva R2D2 gjør
på andre siden av jorden.
Fakta om R2D2 Skype Web Cam :
•Webkamera : CMOS- sensor (628 x 582 pixler)
med inn- og ut zoom.
•Tilkobling: Trådløs tilkobling.
•On/off-knapp: To typer on modus;
Kjør og standby.
•Sikkerhetsfunksjoner : Sensonr som hindrer den
fra å kjøre ned trapper o.l.
•Bevegelse: Framover, bakover, venstre, høyre.
•Lydeffekter: Elleve forskjellige originallyder
fra Star Wars filmene.
Fakta om lasersverd med Skype telefon :
•Detaljert fullskalamodell av
Anakin Skywalkers lasersverd.
•Knapper : Kontroll av R2D2 sine bevegelser.
Brukes også når du skal ringe.
•Høyde: 283 mm.
•Øvrig: Lyd og lyseffekter.
The R2-D2  Wireless Web Camera.
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the
original iconic Star Wars film,
this replica of the headstrong astromech droid
is a full-function, 628 x 528 pixel web camera
that wirelessly transmits real-time video and
audio to a computer, and has worldwide
remote access capabilities, allowing you to control
R2-D2's movements and access the web camera
from a laptop or a PC anywhere in the world.
Unlike lesser real-time cameras that are
tethered to a computer,
R2-D2 is controlled by a lightsaber-shaped remote
that prompts the droid to move forward, backward,
left, and right (including 360° spins)
and a sensor located on R2-D2's front leg
detects desk or table ledges,
and automatically stops the droid from proceeding
while signaling an audible warning.
The web camera takes digital photos and snap shots,
and it has voice record, zoom, and tilt functions
R2-D2 says 11 different phrases and
astromech droid sounds from the original
Star Wars soundtrack.
Web camera requires six AA batteries.
20 H x 14 W x 14 D cm
Weigt : 500 g
Limited Edition !
R2-D2 Star Wars Robot : TV/DVD-Projektor  (03.)
opp til 80" skjerm mot en vegg eller tak.
Høyde : 54 cm ( Full størelse ).
- DVD-spiller (For norske filmer. Sone 2, etc.)
- Overhead-Projektor for å se Filmer,
TV-Spill og Digitale-bilder.
- FM-Radio & iPod docking-station.
- Lager masse Star Wars lyder.
- Fantastiks Fjernkontroll formet som
romskipet Millennium-Falken, som styrer alt
- Fantastiske høyttalere.
- R2-D2 kan bevege seg i alle retninger & vise film i taket.
Material : PVC & metall.   Meget høy kvalitet.
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Best.nr. 8074
kr. 22.998,-